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  1. Hi All, So, I was sending my PCM out on my 06' Sierra to have it re-tuned (the tune was junk that I got). Since we have a possible snowstorm, I figured I'd go to a junk yard and get another PCM and do a security relearn. Except instead of them giving me another PCM out of an 06 Sierra 5.3 like they were supposed to, they gave me one out of an 03 Avalanche (yeah, I know, it's the junk-yards around here). Anyway, after putting it in and doing the security relearn, on the fourth attempt my truck did start, but then the "battery system not charging" and "coolant level low" came on. Put a voltage meter on and, sure enough, truck isn't charging. Put my old PCM back in, both these go away. So I'm assuming that even though I did the security relearn, something isn't done right? Is the security still causing this and is there any other way to fix it? Just not sure if there is something else I need to do to get this to work, or if I should just fight with the junk yard to get the right PCM for my year. Do the codes on the front need to be the same too, or just the year and engine? Someone posted on here they did the relearn with a PCM for a 6.0 and had no problems! Thanks in advance for everyone's help with this. I tried googling/searching this forum and don't see anything about this. I tried to do the relearn again, but I couldn't get the security light back again- so I guess atleast that part of the relearn worked.
  2. BTW the GT4 means you have a 3.73 rear axle if you were wondering.
  3. Hmmmm.... I read that they did have Castech heads, but the batch they came from did not have the problem. I took apart on of the valve covers the other day- and I do have a Castech stamping.
  4. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Yes- atleast from what I've read. Is it a Z71 extended cab?
  5. I have no CEL on. I just drove it again today to confirm. I took off the cables & ECM again- and there are no bent pins either. Looks like I've got to send it back and be without a truck for another week. If you are light on the pedal the truck will shift through all gears & go to 50. But no passing power at all. The RPM's will go 3,4,5 but no change in MPH. It actually seems to drop.
  6. Thank-you. I called and left them a message. I've heard so many great things about them. A CASE relearn wouldn't cause this, right? It would just throw a code? I'm hoping it is just a glitch.
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with this, please! I have an 06 Sierra, 5.3 HO engine, 4.10 gears. I sent my PCM out last night to Wait4Me performance. I've heard they are great. I got it back tonight and installed it (same PCM that was in my truck). First thing I noticed is my keyless entry doesn't work. I can reprogram that- no problem. Then I went to drive it. The truck is almost banging into gears. NO ACCELERATION AT ALL AFTER. I can put my foot to the floor, RPM'S SURGE- truck doesn't speed up at all. It's like the transmission is slipping. Checked tranny fluid and it is perfect. Is this because I need to have a crank/case relearn, or did my PCM just get messed up by the tune? Thanks for anyone who can help me with this!!!!!!!!!!! James
  8. Hey All, I'm hoping you all can help me here. I know this topic has been beat half to death, but I still can't seem to find this answer! I have an 06 Sierra SLT Z71 Extended Cab, 122k. 5.3, L33, Aluminum HO Engine. Bought it about two months ago. 4:10 gears, but still averages 15 mpg surprisingly... About a month ago, I suddenly noticed the coolant reservoir was completely empty. That took a whole gallon of coolant to fill to full. The truck has had a slight "knocking" noise that I assumed to just be piston slap. Then I read all about those Castech heads last night, and that's where I'll get into detail. The dealer I bought the truck from was very shady. I have several issues I have to fix. Luckily the extended powertrain warranty will cover any heads/cylinder/valves, etc. When I got the truck the oil was changed. The oil still looks like new, but I can see what looks like an outline of "brown" on the underneath of the oil cap where somebody wiped it off? After filling the coolant, it is now (after a month), down gradually, maybe 1/4 of a gallon. So I just got around to pulling off the valve covers, and what I found is interesting... The driver side I pulled completely off. It looked very clean. Underneath of valve cover was very clean, EXCEPT for the front corner, which looked like sludge. The bolt (a common entry point) in the valve looked like it may be leaking behind this corner of the valve, but that was all I could see. And I couldn't find any Castech identification symbols! I didn't even see a 799 or 243. I saw what looked like "A1" and 308. I also noticed a symbol, which looks like there is a ring around it. No battery symbol. The BOLT, however, did have a symbol that looked like a castech symbol. Is it possible they used a different cover with Castech parts (mixed and matched)? Is 308 a Casting number and is it known for this issue? By the way, the oil was a quart low (it's been three months since a change, though). Now, I haven't gotten the passenger off, but I did get the oil fill tube off. The same bolt on this side has the same logo and also looks to be leaking (looks to be a slight ring below it). Then I also noticed a battery symbol on the side new to one of the valves. This was NOT on the driver side valve. I am certain that the passenger side is Castech. So, Is it possible to have one Castech and one non-Castech head? Is it possible for the parts to be interchanged? Is it possible to have a 308 Casting? Is "A1" another symbol for another Casting Company? What would the driver side be? Do you think, with the light knock, gradual loss of coolant, and brown residue (on the ring of the oil cap) could be a good indicator? I don't know where else the coolant would be going? Maybe this was already fixed before? It only has 122k, I am bringing it to my mechanic to see what he thinks in a few days. I'm not so sure though. It is an L33. Does piston slap occur all the time? at least I have an extended powertrain warranty! Thanks for all the help everyone. James
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