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  1. Alrighty guys, i really appreciate everyones feedback. I guess ill just drive it till the wheels fall off. Really bums me out chevy had such a silly design. I keep the truck in the garage most the time through winter now. Sad part is i have a 1996 ford ranger my daily driver that dont have a single rust bubble on it. 11 year older truck!! I mean the cab corners and wheel wells are rock solid. Lol.
  2. So i bought my truck about 2 years ago didnt have any sign of rust. Well now im pissed. I have bubbles coming in on rear wheel wells and underside of doors. As im reading i see these truck have this problem with the 2 piece bed where the v shape of the two sheet metals met at the wheel well. I noticed the 3 rubber plugs you can remove. My question is should i just leave them out? Seriously my truck is immaculate untill now. And it went from one bubble to about 10 in less then a year. Kills me and the bottom side of doors are just as bad. Is that plastic dust gaurd on the bottom of doors what causes the problem? Should i remove those? (Crew cab). Im gonna show some pics too.
  3. This is the problem I have half the time. Sometimes they'll actually come on and work. What's this mean? What's bad here ?
  4. Anyone have issues with parking sensors only working a quarter of the time? It always pops up in dash saying there off and won't allow me to turn them back on?
  5. Btw I love the stance and size this truck has set up
  6. Really looking to find pics of set ups everyone has running 18x10's with just a leveling kit. Looking to get some wheels and tires soon, trying to pick between the options. What offsets, and 285/ or 295 or 305 on tires. Any pics would be awesome guys and list what size wheels, tires and offsets and leveling kit. Already done a bunch of research but a lot of the pics I find have no detail. Here's a pic of similar size I'm lookin for Below adult image
  7. Thanks guys! Any advice on my parking sensors workin intermittently ??
  8. Really?? so this is how the truck come factory. That's crazy
  9. Does anyone else on their 07-13 Silverado have any issues with their auto dim in the mirrors? My left mirror and rear view mirror work correctly at auto dimming but my right side mirror does not work. Although both turn signals in mirrors work and defost in mirrors work. Really bugging me. 2007 Silverado lt2 4x4 85k miles Lastly not to get off subject but my parking sensors are very intermittent at working. Some days fire it up and they work fine. Others they say in the dash they are off and it won't allow me to turn on. Any suggestions?
  10. Yess!! Mine sounds very similar to a rod knock for the first few mins. That's why it bothers me so bad, I could deal with a tick. I may have to try some royal purple ..... Maybe ..
  11. Thanks everyone for the replies!! It's reassuring knowing others are going through the same issue and have really no detrimental side effects. For the comments above saying theirs has ticked forever, mine sounds nothin like a tick. More like a tap or I like the comment that says his little daughter could hear it and it sounds like a diesel. That's exactly how mine sounds! It's very noticeable and annoying. I will definetly keep driving it, wish there was a solution. Shoot even if I use my remote start it'll still have some slap when I pull out the drive. It only seemed to disappear quickly after driving it. For example I'll let it warm up for 5 mins in the drive and it'll slap for a minute or so when I pull off. Or if I just get it start it and drive off it'll disappear in 1min-2min of driving. Has GM figured this problem out and fixed it yet? Because I'm thinking about going in at the end of year and getting a brand new 5.3 Silverado. And I do not want this slap to just deal with anymore. I know the 5.3 are crazy reliable my last one had 230k miles on it 2001 Silverado z71 and it purred like a kitten and I traded it in on this cold start slapping loud 2007. Also I agree with the comment above saying the slap was louder with a fresh oil change I believe mine acted the same. I wonder if syn. Oils make it quiter or conventional.
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