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  1. Nice ride, just got a 1999 K2500 with the same specs as yours, love it! Just need to add some running boards to mine as the wife is complaining about jumping in and out.
  2. So i was trying to take my boys out camping and while driving my truck died like the alternator had quit and I ran the battery down. Got off the road, no problem, long story short, replaced the alternator and there was a clunk/scrape sound when starting it up. Didn't like the noise so I had it towed home. The sound seems to be localized in the bell housing so I took off the inspection cover and thought I would find a cracked flexplate. I can't see any obvious cracks in the flexplate, disconnected it from the torque converter, noise is still there, the flexplate appears to wobble when running, not sure where to go from here... I have attached a couple videos of it running so you can see and hear the noise. Any input would be very appreciated. I can do the flexplate but if it's lower end issues I don't have the time and garage space to tear into it as I am PCS across the country soon. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Two links to my videos of the flexplate running
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