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  1. My CC short bed fits in my garage. BARELY!!
  2. 19 to 21 on average for me. Biggest factor I believe is the wind. A good head wind of 15mph will drop these trucks in the 17's or maybe less. Im usually at 20.9 going to work and 17.9 going home. cooler in the morning with little to no wind and same driving style.
  3. Gibson is definitely on my short list. I plan on getting the 5656 set.
  4. GM has always been blah until recently with their new cars and trucks. 80's ergonomics with bland interior. Even the Corvette up till the 14 model was hideous inside but beautiful outside. Price point as well which are usually more than the imports on the lower end models. This is why most people dont buy them other than the old folks that just want a car and nothing more. I thought I was at a retirement home when I went to the Buick/GMC service department where I purchased my truck from. Hate to say it but its true.
  5. A video of the magnaflow would be nice. I want a little rumble but not too much. How is the cabin noise with this setup?
  6. Differnce mostly being tha the GMC has a few more bells and whistles than the silvy as in a few upgrades in the interior and resale values if you sell or trade. The GMC's cost a little more too because of this. They are basically one step up on the silvys
  7. Never pay anything down. After 3 years usually when financed trade in with no negative equity and get a new truck. Rinse, repeat.
  8. For removal use a heat gun and goo gone. Dont go ripping it off as it could possibly pull the paint. As far as the salt situation up North I couldnt answer. Pros and cons on both options.
  9. Uh yea for street ability. I owned a 13 370z with takeda short rams and a custom x pipe dual exhaust running 13.3 quarter miles with it. Did the cold airs help. Not really but they didnt hurt either. My times were consistent with either set up. I got them mostly for asthetic reasons and to free up space. That big black humongous box in our engine bays are hideous and yep I will be putting a K&N in mine soon.
  10. Dynos dont lie either. This topic has been argued to death over the years and on several forums I have been on. Not much of a difference throwing a K&N in a stock box but the K&N cold air, exhaust, and a tune all together do make a difference.
  11. I got mine on sale for 37 bucks. They are mostly designed against rock chips on the front and bugs and not much more. They fit better too and dont stick out or require brackets to install.
  12. Mine has been on over 2 months now with no issues. Good choice and go buy one.
  13. Mine vibrated too like yours so to the dealership I went. After road force balance, new wheel, and tire most of the vibration is gone. Still vibes a little between 70-80 but not bad. Road conditions should also be factored in as well. My thoughts are new tires and getting rid of the LS2's I have now. Yes take your truck in and watch the look on their faces when you say your truck shakes. Priceless
  14. So is a tune worthwhile on a stock set up? Anyone have any numbers?
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