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    1965 Corvette Convertible 396/450hp
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    2015 Denali 6.2
  1. Been using it for 10 years on our families Jeep Wranglers. Works very well. Frames, drive shafts all look brand new and no rust anywhere even with the nasty brine they put down on our roads in the winter. the only things not to spray are the brakes and exhaust. It will not harm rubber!
  2. In most states there is no such thing as diminished value for first party (contractual) claims. In Third party claims (someone else is legally liable for your damages) there is some ability to claim DV.
  3. What kind of Trailer Sway Control are you using? Towing and stopping are important but controlling trailer sway is critical. I use an Equalizer hitch http://www.equalizerhitch.com/ when towing large and heavy. It has a leveling feature as well.
  4. State Farm has always been good to me. Very fair. Sounds like you came out great!
  5. Have the insurance company get a couple of salvage bids. Re builders are paying big money for wrecked cars these days and rear-end hits are their favorites. I'll bet the salvage bid comes back at 40-50% of the trucks book value or higher. That makes it easier to total out.
  6. Second on the Backflip VP. Seems to be the most watertight and best looking one out there and at a good price. Love mine!
  7. The current model 6.2 is not E85 compatible. Do not run E85 in your new 6.2!
  8. I love my 22s on my Denali. It was the first thing I did after buying the truck. No regrets and they look great.
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