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  1. Yeah the low fuel light does come on if i bang the tank or even hit a bump it fixes it self, the previous owner (my father) changed the fuel pump not to long ago im not sure if it was a cheap one or not.
  2. Exhaust Manifold Leak

    Thanks i was thinking that but wasn't sure.
  3. Just found out from previous owner that the fuel pump was replaced less than 30k ago, and the issue was happening before and after the new pump.
  4. 104k and is the original pump just got it gonna run through and start replacing the normal thing was hoping that i would not have to drop the tank but i guess i shall
  5. Its a 2000 gmc sle 5.3L single cab 8ft bed 4wd, what other info would help???
  6. My gas Gage will randomly drop to below "E" Randomly then if bang the tank or somtimes even stomp my foot on the floor it will go back to normal, before i drop the tank i was wondering if anyone had any ideas what it could be ???
  7. On the left side of the engine on my 2000 Serria sle 5.3 on the exhaust manifold there is a leak comming from the part that sticks out of the manifold and is sealed with a plate and two bolts what is that called and can i buy just that plate or do i need the whole manifold???

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