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  1. The cover is identical to the 99-06 cover, and the ISBN is 1-56392-446-3. I like Haynes because I feel like it caters to the amateur. I can fix things but I am not a master mechanic. But I may check out Mitchell's; thanks.
  2. I ordered the Haynes 01-06 full size truck manual on Amazon but I received the 99-01 version. My Yook is an 02... Will this thing work for me or should I return it? How much could be different between an 01 and 02?
  3. i guess I'll have to clean the engine up and figure out where it's coming from...
  4. Have a leak from the back of the motor that is getting worse. I collected some of it today and it's anti-freeze. I was thinking it was from near the front of the engine but parked it in the driveway and the puddle is near the back. I do have to add coolant; maybe went through a gallon over the last 12/18 months. It also does use oil, maybe a quart over 3000 miles. I thought it was also leaking oil but this coolant did not appear to have any oil with it. It's an 02 with 240K on it and I've had it for about 4 years. I've never really worked on an LS motor so advice would be great.
  5. My seats are getting a bit worn and I have seen some darn near perfect ones on CL for sale, but they tend to be later model. Will they fit? Mainly need front seats but if I can find a complete set I might swap them all.
  6. So we'll call this an interesting experiment. If it fails, I'll let you know.
  7. I have never had a paper one leak either, aside from this one that the PO did improperly... but maybe I just haven't kept a vehicle long enough for it to fail.
  8. I had a leaky rear diff, mainly because the previous moron that worked on it didn't tighten the bolts and only used a paper gasket, no RTV. So I fixed it using a paper gasket with RTV on both sides, and properly torqued the bolts. So I dropped in to a buddies shop this morning on the way to work and told him about the loose diff cover with no RTV- he said I made a mistake, and should not have used the paper diff. I should only use RTV, and in fact, the factory never uses paper gaskets. I have always used a paper gasket with RTV. He said it is going to leak... so, was I wrong?
  9. I was hoping to not have to buy one... I already have an entire cabinet devoted to manuals for cars, trucks, motorcycles, four wheelers and dirt bikes, most of which I no longer even own. Probably a couple of riding mowers too. I'd rather not add to the collection, but I will if I have to...
  10. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a manual, or do I need to buy one? 2002 Yukon XL 1500
  11. I don't have remote start capability. Is it ok to buy a new cheapie fob off ebay? Should I get a used factory one?
  12. I did not get a key fob when I picked up my Yukon and I am looking for one, but not sure which one I need. I see some with 3 buttons and some with 4. How do I know which?
  13. The front was blowing heat only when the dial was turned to 82, but now it's just cold no matter what. Blower is fine, and the heat to the back is fine. Possibilities? The control panel going bad maybe?
  14. The Yook needs hatch struts; the full door, not the glass. Ok to get them at a place like Autozone or is OEM needed here?
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