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  1. Just towed this beast of an RV to Maine for a week with my 2015 5.3L. Drove it 1677 miles in 8 days. Had towed car trailers before hauling my 1975 CJ5 and a small Datsun but nothing like this thing. Definitely worked the 5.3 but she handled it. Averaged about 8 mpgs. I do NOT have the max tow package so an aftermarket brake controller was a must. I went with the Tekonsha P3 and was glad I did. Handled the brakes like a dream and being able to manually brake the trailer on the hills and save the truck brakes worked perfectly. Dialed it in at 5.5 and Boost level 2 . Don’t skimp on a brake controller - when a tractor trailer slammed on its brakes on an on ramp it may have saved my family from a major tragedy. Stopped like the RV like it wasn’t there thankfully, and gave me just the split second I needed to check mirrors and get over safely avoiding a pile up. Plug and play install using Tekonsha’s harness. Worth the few extra dollars for my family’s safety. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I just went to charge my iPhone with the console USB and noticed the stereo wasn't recognizing my phone was connected and it wasn't charging. After that I checked if the SD card I have filled with music was being recognized and it is no longer working either. Neither USB plug is working in the console. The AUX in plug is also not working. It's like that entire assembly is no longer connected. I tried the USB bank under the stereo by the cell phone tray and that IS working. Has anyone had an issue with this? If so were you able to fix it yourself or did you bring it in for service? I have 9500 miles and it I purchased in 09/2015 so I hope this will be covered under warranty if I have to take it in. I had always noticed there was a little wiggle in that piece that has the USB's, aux in and SD reader and worried about it breaking and it looks like I was right. Thanks for any help or info. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I tried updating post, should say radio won't turn off. I can't seem to update the title. I am getting nervous...truck has been great but now all of a sudden my service airbag light came on last week, and now today my radio won't turn off when i turn off the ignition and open the truck door. I am worried my battery is going to die. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, any ideas on a quick fix? I just had my son born two days ago and don't know when I can take it in for service. I can't have my battery die on me. Should I disconnect the battery to reset the system? Does that have any negative affects? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Update... The text message notification not working seemed to be a fluke. I just ran a few tests and it is working now on two different iPhones (work and personal) running IOS 9.2, and SIRI hands free still works as well, allowing text message dictation. The only issue I can't seem to figure out is why the truck can no longer see my favorite contact list. Both iPhone have the bluetooth settings for the MyLink configured to show the favorites, and it does not work on either phone. This isn't the end of the world, I'd be much more upset if the text notifications stopped working, but it is an inconvenience and I'd like to get the functionality back. It's a lot easier going through my short favorite list than it is to go through my 300 some odd contacts to find who I want to call. I could use voice dialing, but sometimes it's more convenient to select a number from a list, especially when certain names are hard to pronounce and don't register via voice dictation very well. First world problems, I know....but anyone else having this issue?
  5. After upgrading to IOS 9.2, I am having issues with text message notifications and phone contact lists (mainly the favorites). I was fine with the original release of IOS 9 and this phone, and all features worked perfectly, but I have just now realized that after upgrading to IOS 9.2 I am having issues I was not having before. Background: 2015 Silverado LTZ with 8" My Link w/ Nav Phone: IPhone 6 running IOS 9.2 When I first got my iPhone 6, which was running either IOS 9.0 or 9.1 (not sure what it had to start), all phone --> truck features worked perfectly. Siri eyes free allowed me to dictate text messages to my phone, ask minor siri questions, control my music app on the phone etc. I would also get new text message notifications on the MyLink screen when I received a new text message while in the truck and I could have the truck read it back to me. I upgraded to IOS 9.2 and after just noticing the other day that when going to the phone directory in the console screen, I can no longer see my "Favorite" contacts list though it still shows me my recent call list and my entire contact list. Frustrating issue #1. Now I just noticed that when I get a new text messages I am no longer getting the text notifications on the truck's screen like I used to. I confirmed the Bluetooth settings for the device are correct; the allow notifications setting is enabled as is show favorites. I have also tried forgetting the MyLink USB device and repairing my phone but it did not resolve my issues. Anyone else having issues with IOS 9.2 on your iPhone, and if so, have you found a fix for it? Very frustrating when you update your phone to get better security and they break core features, especially when these features affect my ability to enjoy my trucks features. I had been loving how seamlessly all my phone/.truck features had been working and I'm really bummed this is jacked up now. IOS 9.2 is the latest version of IOS available so I can try upgrading to another version to see if that resolves it. Help! Thanks folks.
  6. I have a similar complaint about the auto function. I don't understand why it doesn't switch to the forward and lower blowers as opposed to using only the blower on the dash. Seems like if you remote start and want to clear the cold air out the fastest way to do it would be to use full blast on the front and lower blowers, not just warming my windshield. In fact auto pretty much only uses the defroster blower which seems stupid. I should be able to set it on auto but with the blowers I choose on. Strange limitation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So are the headrests the originals? I would love to add this to my Silverado for the kids but have no idea how I'd go about cutting my headrests to insert the monitors. I am picky and it would have to look factory if I am going to cut into my headrests. I have the cooled seats as well. From what I gather the wires from the monitors were sent through the backrest portion of the front seats? Do you have a digital install guide you could send me a link to? I would love to set this up - besides front parking sensors this is the only feature I wish I had in my Silverado SLT. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I went with a tonnopro lo roll and it weighs nothing. If you're not worried about security it's been a great cover and rolls up out of the way with nothing to remove when you need your whole bed. I love it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Ugh...I really hope they don't jack up my seat. Did you ever notice there is a little switch you can feel in the seat? In the front middle of the front seats there is a little button you can feel and it clicks when you push on it. Pretty dumb design. I hope they don't have to pull my leather seats apart and mess them up. Do you think they will notice my diodes just jumping my cargo lights? It took me forever to get those seated properly and would hate to have to take them out. I just moved my car seat and added a new one in my back seat the day before the light came on, but there aren't any airbag sensors in the rear seats are there? I know front passenger had one, maybe I messed up the sensor putting in my car seats if they have them in the rear seats? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have had two rattles in the lower dash beneath the steering column. The first was the cable to the hood release. The cable actually seemed to be vibrating within itself. I zip tied the cable to something under the dash and that solved that problem. The other vibration is coming from behind the lower dash panel to the left of the steering wheel. I can get under there and hear the sound of I tap the panel but can't find what's causing it to fix it. When driving if the sound starts, sometimes just banging on that panel gets it to stop. This one is driving me nuts. I'm nervous to remove that whole panel and getting under there to look requires positions that are far from comfortable. I have sensitive ears - rattles drive me insane. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. On my 2015 SLT Silverado the service airbag light just came on. I've restarted the truck multiple times and it's not going away. It's under warranty which is fine but I am concerned to take it in and have things messed with if its something simple. I've also installed the driver assist handle which goes over the driver side curtain airbag, as well as did the cargo lights on with reverse mod and I'm nervous they will see it and/or blame it on that if its electrical. Those diodes were a pain to get in, but should I remove them before I take it in? Anyone else have this light to come on randomly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Now take that dealer decal off the back, please!!!! Looks so much better without and don't be someone's free advertising. It's so simple with a hair dryer, and a microfiber to buff afterwards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. That looks great. I recently went with the tonnopro lo roll and I'm pretty happy as well. Also Low profile. Yours looks a little sleeker. Got mine for $230 I think. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Are you talking about CarPlay specifically when you say newer phones won't work with car? The communication between your phone and stereo Bluetooth and Bluetooth has always been backwards compatible. New phones will continue to work with the same functionality you have now. Now, if there are new Bluetooth features, you won't be able to take advantage of them, but you current functionality will continue to operate as normal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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