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  1. Ok thanks, thats what i needed to know. Guy wanted to trade the wheels for a car trailer i have $400 in so figured it was worth a shot. I found alot of picures of 22x12's with leveling kits fitting but didnt find and 22x14s
  2. Ive got a shot at a set of 22x14 fuels extremely cheap. Will they fit on my 2006 silverado with the keys cranked to level it out? If so what size tire could i run? I realize ill have to trim, but how much? Thanks for any help!
  3. Are you guys sure i cant replace just the sensors? i jacked my truck up and the wheel bearings show no sign of being bad. I unplugged the sensors and the bad pedal when stopping quit.
  4. I have the diable intune i2, it should read them right?
  5. When i bought my truck about 10k miles ago every once in a while while i was stopping and almost stopped the ABS wouldn kick in and pedal would pulsate. Now it is to the point it is doing it every time i stop. Can i replace just the sensors? Truck isnt throwing any check lights. Thanks for any help!
  6. I bought two off of amazon for $16 for the pair on my 2006 silverado. They are extremely easy to program.
  7. Saturday we are taking out my cousins stock transmission in his 2004 duramax and putting in a mild built one he had built. Also a new torque converter. How much fluid will we need to get it full? Is it really 5 gallons?
  8. How bad will the 305/60s rub? Could a bumper trim get rid of most of the rubbing?
  9. I found a set of wheels and tires for my truck. I have it leveled. Will 305/60/20 fit? Maybe with a little trimming? Mine is a 2006 1500 crew cab if that matters
  10. ok thanks, i talked to the local dealership this evening. They said $60 for a new key. Not bad considering it would probably require a locksmith to tear apart the column to get a new one made. Said just to bring title in my name and drivers license. Thanks for the input!
  11. I purchased a 2006 escalade that the owner had lost the key, how hard and expensive would it be to replace the ignition switch without the key? Or could i have a locksmith make a key for the factory ignition? My 2006 silverado doesn't have a chip in the key so im assuming neither does the escalade? Thanks for any help!!
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