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  1. Add mine to the list of ticking.. I hear this noise on and off while driving.. It drives me nuts. I can't believe there is no fix for this?
  2. Got mine today as well.. Thanks Dan...great deal with fast shipping
  3. Had my headliner replaced due to manufacturing defect and the dealer had to remove the windshield.. The new headliner looks good however I seem to have a lot of scratches in the hood and side pillar due to the removal of the windshield that I just noticed on a sunny day..
  4. Installed a fold a cover last week end.. Installation went well..
  5. Is there more to the leveling kit? Isn't there plates at the top of the shocks?
  6. The dealer don't seem to have much information on there cover.. It says that there are multiple versions for the soft cover which probably means multiple suppliers and the end user doesn't really know which he is getting...
  7. I was considering the hard folding from fold a cover however u have to cut the bed liner slightly to mount a bracket. Not good for a lease, especially if you want to keep the cover when you turn in the lease. Also you have to raise the cover to open the tail gate.. Doesn't seem to make sense. I too have to buy through the dealer and don't really know which cover to get. Now I'm consider the soft tri fold as well. Seem to be the best for my needs. I have to purchase through the dealer as well and confused on which one to get.
  8. The dealer re done the chips that were in the rear door. From what I can tell the paint matches perfect. I haven't seen it in the sun or a bright day due to weather, but I think it's a really good paint match. I'm happy.
  9. The headliner replacement went smoothly.. It's as close to perfect as it can get.. The dealer did a nice job. The windshield had to come out to get the new one in without bending it ..
  10. I like the ltz's trim level. I think it's like the SLT on the GMC side? My kids tell me I'm old school because I like all the chrome trim. The younger kids like the black wheels and everything black. The LTZ was a little outside my budget.. On the Chevy side I think the trim levels are nicer appearance wise if you don't get the z71 pkg. With no z71 all the trucks on the lot had chrome or polished wheels with chrome grills and chrome door handles.. All the z71's had standard wheels with bigger tires and of course the black inside the front grill.
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