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  1. Thank you. I tested the three lead connection by jumping it out. I’ve pretty much determined the problem was the Spectra fuel pump I got from rock auto. During diagnosis, noticed a couple things: When the truck would run, the pump was noisy and seemed to “surge”. At one point I both loosened and disconnected the fuel line from the throttle body and no fuel came to that point even with jumping out the relay, I only heard minimal air being pushed during the times the pump intermittently ran. I considered the fuel filter. This was removed and at one point fuel flowed out of the line. I blew compressed air through the other end to make sure it was clear and installed a new filter with no change. Bought a Delphi pump from autozone and installed it. Can’t hear it run at all. Truck runs with relay and if I jump out the relay. I’ve let the truck sit to try to recreate my original problem at it starts each time. So hopefully it was just the pump.
  2. I have the air cleaner off during this problem. I took a chance and replaced the relay with the same results. It started today, I saw nice fuel cones, then the fuel just shut off. How do I jump out the test lead on the fire wall to diagnose other electrical components? How do I put a jumper in to supply constant power to the pump to rule out a bad pump? I’m going to check for a bad ground tomorrow and also try replacing the fuel filter. Again, all this intermittent stuff is while it’s just sitting level in the driveway. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I thought about testing the coil or if maybe the problem is the ignition control mondule.
  4. After tightening the connection again I cranked it again and after one or two times it fire up and will stay running. Maybe a clog or coil issue? I’m going to let it sit a few hours and try to recreate the problem.
  5. Don’t have a gauge but I loosened the fuel line into the throttle body. The pump primes just fine. A lot of fuel blows out under pressure when cranking. Besides checking spark next, I’m going to see if fuel is being sprayed down the throttle.
  6. I did not get to check pressure or power yet. I can’t do it until tomorrow. I hate to think that a brand new pump quit already but I don’t want to drop the tank if it’s not the problem.
  7. Since replacing the tank and pump I’ve never let the tank go below half. Are you saying it could be a relay problem or do I need to replace the pump?
  8. 1993 GMC 1500 dump truck. Installed new fuel tank in January due to pin hole leak. Installed new fuel pump as well since I had the tank dropped. Noticed that the pump stayed running instead of the initial prime and then shut off. Truck ran fine until a couple weeks ago when it just shut down on me. Could crank but not start. Let sit and hit bottom of tank and it started again. Ran fine for the next week. Went to start this morning and it just cranks. Cannot hear pump running. Pump purchased from Rock Auto. I’m guessing the pump needs replaced or maybe it’s the relay? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.
  9. So tonight I smelled coolant when I passed in front of the truck. I checked around the coolant tank and there's evidence of coolant coming through the overflow tud and running down the wheel well. Any idea why I constantly keep loosing coolant through the overflow tube?
  10. So far I've seemed to correct my problem by adding coolant, over half a gallon. So I think the issue may be that I'm loosing coolant somewhere (I think through the overflow) and not an actuator because everything it is working as it should. I'm going to pressure test the system and go from there. Initially I was thinking I had a stuck open thermostat and it was taking a little bit to get warm.
  11. I just added a 1/4 gallon more to top off. Both heater hoses are equally scorching hot. Temp just under 210. What would cause the loss of coolant then? Separate issue? The air temp has stayed hot all day since adding coolant even at idle. I think low coolant was a factor, but I don't know how I'm losing it except maybe through the overflow cause I smell it sometimes. Could the blend door still be part of the problem?
  12. So I let it cool and checked the coolant and it was low. I added about 1/2 gallon. Could I be loosing coolant through the overflow due to boil over or bad thermostat? I do smell coolant from time to time. Tomorrow morning I can check to see if the coolant was the issue.
  13. I actually don't think it's the blend door actuator. I ran it through all the selections and all work. Could it be air in the system? Occasionally I will smell some coolant.
  14. How about non dealer cost? I'd rather trade the truck than pay that much.
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