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  1. I have been getting the standard bank 2 sensor 1 code, and after replacing it the code continues to appear. So after much research here, and other places, I think that I have a short in my system. I have checked the fuses. They all look fine. The wiring isn't frayed, only the plastic thermal covering one of the main negative wire going to the starter at the base of the engine. Here where the water from the evaporator housing tube has been dripping down, the plastic thermal wire covering has basically become powder and flaked away. If you follow the wire onward and upward into the engine is the wrapped with asbestos heat wrap and then connects to the drivers side of the super fuse. My question is could that cracked thermal wire covering along with the water drainage be leading to a short? I ask because the other night I was driving and hit my brakes and my radio blinked out, along with my lights and my instrument cluster. I have not disconnected any fuses other than the O2 fuses, and I have not done anything other than visually inspect the wiring system. Especially the big red one. Thanks in advance for you help.
  2. Hey guys. Yep. I'm a noob around here and around working on vehicles in general. Lost my job, and can't afford those expensive shop repairs. Kind of a blessing in disguise because I love working on the things. I'm in Austin, TX., and I drive a 2008 GMC Sierra 6.2L Denali. Thanks in advance for the lessons imparted and the patience put forward. RHB
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