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  1. Again you guys are assuming the previous owner trashed the truck causing the trans to blow apart. There are too many out there in pieces. Not everyone who has a failure has mistreated the transmission. There is a transmission shop just down the road from me that keeps built ones on the shelf because it happens so much. Give the poor guy a break. He lucked up having a friend that would help him out like that. $2600.00 - $3400,00 is not unheard of to have one done and that is with only a year guarantee. Hopefully when you rebuild it put in all the beefed up parts so maybe you'll never experience it again. Yes taking care of a machine may extend it's life, but you can always get a bad one too. By the way Thanks for posting the pics so that if we have some guys in here that just drive vehicles can see what those of us who are trained and certified have already seen. Great job.
  2. Guess some people did not read all of the post. Fluids and filters changed, the truck was given to my son by his grandfather died. Since my son has owned it the truck has not pulled not one thing not even a rabbit out of a hat. Again I state as I have multiple times if you are having a positive experience great but the facts are there. Whether you like them or believe them or not. This has apparently struck a nerve with some people by the responses I've received, Good, that means some people are paying attention. Most vehicles have some quirks that have to be addressed it doesn't matter what make or model. I personally love BMW's but my gosh they had a terrible time with the brake rotors warping and you had to address that problem. I love older Chevy's and GMC's more than the older Fords. I use to deplore Chrysler products and my wife bought a Dart that was like off the show room floor. Even the truck looked new. The car was ten years old and owned by a retired Air Force Vet. It seems like I worked on that car everyday. Volkswagen Beetles were notorious for problems when it rained. After a storm you would see them popped up on the side of the road like mushrooms. LOL Just because this is a GM forum does not mean just because someone has noticed a problem that you have to assume there was mistreatment of the vehicle. GM also had a problem with their ABS solenoids going out and throwing a code turning the warning light on. In the early days it gave the Dealerships fits because they would replace the valve body or solenoid what ever was called for. I haven't read all the dealer documentation but my father in law at the time was told by the dealership that they did not have a fix for it yet and the best thing he could do was pull the fuse or the ABS system would keep running when the truck was shut off. OMG let's jump into Ford's Diesel engine problems beginning in late 2002 early 2003 when they quit using the 7.3. It's common knowledge if you have one of the International engines from that time period on up through oh gosh trying to remember off the top of my head, maybe 2010 possibly, you were going to have headbolt on the earlier plus cooler and high pressure pump problems resulting in thousands of dollars of repairs or maybe a new engine. Nissan pick up had one of those too. Horrible about blowing head gaskets. Back in the 90's I worked for the City and County of Denver, CO. We had tons of GM products. We had to keep several brake controls ( computer modules) in stock they were so common on failure. I am trying to point out for any new people on the forum to be aware they may have problems with this transmission and to be aware of it so they can plan ahead. A lot of rebuilders of these transmissions or parts manufacturer's have like 4 stages of toughness you can build this transmission depending on what it is used for. Consideration on wheel size, gear ratio, tire type, engine power/ torque and what is being pulled, or basically what it will be used for all play a factor in the end results. You have to remember that most of these companies are concentrating on the bottom line for profit. They may fudge a little on some things then again a parts supplier may have an inferior part. One problem with aluminum houses that is often overlooked it that there may be a micro crack that will not be visible to the naked eye. Yes the part looks good but then when the shaft is put under pressure it puttings pressure on the bearings which in turn put pressure on the micro fracture in the case and it opens up some causing binding and misalignment of internal parks. What if you have a carrier bearing that has been going out and that is letting the shaft droop some and wallow around putting the tail shaft in a bind which in turn messes the rear seal and bearing/ bushings so you have a sloppy mess and possible failure. The point is from a business standpoint everyone is trying to make their product lighter, cheaper, and more versatile to cut down on assembly line changes which cost downtime dollars. They push the limits sometimes and put the products out before they have been proven.. Engineers make mistakes too they are human. It does not matter what product there is out there whether it's a chainsaw or a toaster there can be design flaws. I mentioned aluminum houses with micro fracture well that goes for the old cast iron too. I found one in a John Deere Tractor many years ago when I was a lot younger. Every mechanic in the shop had worked on this machine but could not find out what the popping noise was when pressure was switching from torque to no torque. I pulled the top plate off the tractor when it got around to me as I was the lowest man on the seniority list and everyone else was on a job. I drove the tractor with flashlight in hand and an open transmission popping the throttle to find the area the noise was coming from. The result was the outer race was resting on a worn out seat and the outer race was cracked causing the shaft to flex and the that created the popping sound. I showed the shop supervisor and he got mad because I found it when no one else had. They had two weeks of their top experienced mechanics hours on this machine. He told me to keep my mouth shut and not tell the customer because we had already had too much money in time on this vehicle for me to tear it down for repair. I was furious. It was not right for them to tell the owner that they couldn't find the problem and they'd have to wait till it got worse. This would in turn cost the customer thousands of dollars later on and it would be put on another work order so I wouldn't get credit. Where was the ethics in that? I know I am writing long post but I have also trained many mechanics so when someone is experiencing a problem the best thing to do is listen closely and ask a lot of questions. When ever I get this truck back and the old transmission and I can guarantee you it will be on my bench and because of my disability I will have to get my son to do the physical work but I will find the problem with this particular machine. Was the failure Mr. Transmissions fault or partly their fault, was it solely this housings fault, inferior parts put in or not replaced, who knows but I will update whenever I can . It may be a while though as I am in the middle of machining a replacement part for a wood lathe from the 1940-50's so I can put it back in operation to make a new fore stock for a 1920's pump shot gun I am restoring. Thanks for the input as always. Peter
  3. Well I see all of the responses and to the moderator that said it was the shop's fault I would agree on the first and second rebuild but the factory original and the second BRAND NEW GM put in sure wasn't that shops fault. I'm a Certified Master Mechanic of 30 years experience of Gas Vehicles and Heavy Diesel Equipment and trucks. I have a two year degree in automotive and a two year degree in diesel plus all the hundreds of courses required through my 30 years to satisfy my job requirements. I am also Warranty Certified, Managerial trained so I think I should have a proper knowledge of machinery across the board. I am not being arrogant or busting anyone's chops when I quote my credentials. It's just a fact of my experience. If someone had an excellent experience with a vehicle then great I am happy for them but the industry as a whole recognizes the weakness areas of this transmission and have upgraded parts on the market . GM itself has had recalls and TBI's on this transmission so to me that in it's self proves the point. Why do you ask if I have all this knowledge I did not do the rebuild myself? The answer is simple, after having broken my neck in a wreck a number of years ago then having to go back to work against the doctor's orders, then years of working and moving in positions I was not suppose to be resulting in severe injury to my back to the point they will not do surgery on me because they would have to fuse every vertebrae, plus a recent total surgery repair of a shoulder because of being rear ended while stopped at a red light by a truck and trailer I can no longer physically perform the required physical abilities it takes. Frustrating heck yea, to be on disability and having to pay someone else to do a job I know I could have done just as well and better than most it does get frustrating. So now that I've vented, my whole point is the 4L60e has had problems through the years regardless if you took better than average maintenance. This truck did have a toe package but in the last three transmissions it has never even towed a little garden trailer. There isn't even a ball in the receiver. My vehicles are kept up premo as I can't even stand if the cigarette lighter doesn't work and I don't smoke. My Ford F150 has the tiny wimpy 5 speed that they also put in their small trucks ( which have a higher towing capacity than the F150 because of the weight difference) and the 4.2 engine which doesn't have the best reputation for durability. That being said I have over 300K miles on the engine and drive train. This vehicle is know for the transmission and clutch being the weak link in it's towing capacity. I feel using that as a base line I should have a pretty good idea how to maintain and make a machine last. We also have a 2006 GMC Sierra, do I have confidence in it, let's just say I am suspicious and I wouldn't have it if it wasn't for the fact it was my father in laws last truck and they practically gave it to us for $4500.00. I did have to modify the Evap solenoid and location to fix a problem they have with those but so far in the 4 months we've had it the vehicle has performed as it should. Hopefully it won't become the beast the 99 Silverado has. I did travel to Mississippi to pick up another transmission from a rolled over 2001 Suburban and paying a different shop ( a friend ) of mine I've known for years to swap them out. If all goes well and there hopefully a truthful person that sold the transmission to me ( owner in another shop) the Silverado will be up and going again. If so then even though we have so much invested in this vehicle I think it's time to take a loss and get rid of it. Just too many bad memories. LOL I'll trade it in on a more economical vehicle for my son. Good luck to all and pray this gamble on a used tranny doesn't bite me in the butt. If it does then I'm selling the truck cheap ! By the way thanks for all the input positive or negative.
  4. Hi, I'm new on here but retired Master Mechanic Gas, diesel, etc. Too many certifications so I just sit on them instead of a chair. I'm here because I have blown past the I'm a little miffed part. The truck is a 1999 Silverado, 5.3, 4160e trans. This was my father in laws truck when he owned a paving company. He bought a newer model just like it so gave this one to my son. He had to have the engine at about 80K replaced then the transmission a few months later. Since we have had the truck I've had to do odds and ends to get the engine to run correctly but the Transmission ( I'm really trying to be nice here) had to be rebuilt at close to $3 K. That was all the money my son had worked to save towards his first year in college gone. Withing 6 months we had to take it back because it shelled the trans again. Mr. Transmission in Mobile, Al. did the work. They honored the warranty and rebuilt it again. Now about 8 maybe a little more months later he just came home and it's gone out again. He barely made it home and it just started acting up tonight. Searching the web as I always do I can't believe the number of people that have had trouble with these transmissions. I use to love GM products but with all these problems with this transmission and from a several year span of vehicles, what's the deal. No hot rodding, we haven't even pulled anything with this truck. I'm on disability because of my back or I would have torn the thing down myself and figured the design flaw out and fixed it. Most of the shops I have talked to say they keep them in business and craigs list always has these trucks for sale with a bad transmission. I have a 1998 Ford, 6cyl. with a 5 speed manual and the truck has over 310,000 miles on it and rarely do I have to work on it. Heck I had a Chevelle Super Sport, one of the fastest muscle cars there was so seeing this many problems concerns me. What happened GM? Anyone got a solution ? We don't have the money to keep putting into this truck. The Blue Book value doesn't warrant it.
  5. 4l60e is the crappiest transmission I have ever seen. There are tons of failures isted on the web and everyone here says how great they are? WTH ? My son just came in from delivering pizzas and his transmission has gone out again. This was a gift truck from his grandfather who had to have a new engine AND a new transmission put in it . Since we have had this truck now We had Mr. Transmission in Mobile, Al. rebuild it. They said they used the best parts and it would be better than ever. 6 months later we had it back to them doing the same thing. They rebuilt it again. It worked great now for the last 8 months and it's trashed again. What is it with these transmissions? I was a mechanic for 30 years before my back gave out and I have never seen so many transmission failures as I have with these transmissions? Don't say it's how he's driving or he's towing something because this truck has never towed anything since we've had it. I look on craigs list and there are always these trucks being sold because the transmission is out. I look on all the forums and there are people having problems in 25K, 35, K, 60 K, miles with these. This is not a single year either This truck is a 99 and I have seen post up into the teen years with the same problems. So WHY does GM keep using this design? My son spent all of his college money he had saved to get the transmission fixed and it's gone out twice now since. Answers please .
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