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  1. Yea I use Ams oil synthetic. Very good oil I hear so that’s what I use and I usually 90% of the time change it every “50%” of the oil indicator. If everyone says don’t risk it then my all means I’m all for saving future $$$$$ even if it costs me a little now.
  2. Have a 2013 5.3L Sierra SLT with afm still on and about 210k km. I’ve been reading a lot about disabling afm and all and how it drinks oil and spark plugs get coated in some nasty soot. So today I did my spark plugs to see if there was any build up. Cause they were done about 10 months ago or longer (i think). when I checked the old spark plugs 1 through 8 they all looked fairly the same and had absolutely no soot build up of any kind and my oil doesn’t seem to be burning. So my question is. Should I still disable afm? Since I bought the truck 3 years ago now I haven’t had any issues (must have been built on a wedensday lol). Should I not chance it and just do it? Or leave the can of worms un opened
  3. Removing the spark plugs and wires. they are originally 9.5in long but the new ones I got off of rock auto are 12.5in long. Is that fine or should I return then and get 9.5in long?
  4. Have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 slt. Looking for a driver side interior door panel. Must be black. Handle is above the window switches. Door pulll handle that’s built in broke. If anyone knows how to fix it would be nice to know
  5. Where is that fuse? I now know it's a connection issue. I went over a bump today and it the lights went off. Does anyone have full diagram for traction control connections so I can go through it all and make sure everything is plugged in correctly?
  6. Hi there. I have a 2013 GMC Sierra 1500 SLT It has 165,000 km. Today I while I was out I came to a stop sign, and my traction control lights came on out of no where. I was puzzled. I came to a red light and shut off my truck to see if it would turn off and that wasn't the case. I proceeded home with no issues and I tried the button to see if maybe if some how that was the problem but I guess not. I get home and checking through my manual, it says try resetting the system by turning off the truck for 15 seconds. I did so but now my traction control light stays on but the other light for stabilitrak stays off. I went through the button check again, and it says it's on at my display, but the light is still on and my DIC still says service both systems. I don't have any reduced engine power nor a abs light or check engine light. I tried looking for people with similar issues but I don't have a reduced power problem. I have a levelling kit on it with 285/r20 on them and recently installed an air horn on it. Had to mess with some wiring but for the past month had no problems so I know that's not the issue, I didn't touch no wiring except my stock horn. Don't want to bring it to the dealer. Very mechanical inclined so I'm able to do myself. Any help is very appreciated
  7. I have a 13 GMC Sierra 1500 slt. I'm lookin for a complete air bag setup. (Front and back) removing my leaf springs in the back. I can't seem to find anything. Does anyone know where to find any? Any info will help
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