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  1. Go with bags! I had bags on my 3/4 ton for over 3 years and the bags still looked new when I took them off when I got the new pickup. I also live in SD where we have crappy winters with salt and gravel put on the roads.
  2. Well hopefully he honors he's deal he already made with me. But like I said I haven't heard from him since Tuesday and I'm not one to keep bombing with messages.
  3. I talked to him on Tuesday, we settled on a price, I was waiting on a boxed weight to send a shipping label and where to send the payment and haven't heard back from him.
  4. The exhaust shops around here don't carry stainless piping because of the price. Should all be aluminized tubing which will last for quite awhile.
  5. Amsoil is great stuff! Just use either the XL or Signature Series oils.
  6. I believe for it to work thru the radio you have to have it plugged into the USB port in the center console. You can play it thru the Bluetooth audio but you have to do it on the phone. I have only had my truck for two weeks but I believe that's right. And I have the same phone as she does and that's how it worked on a trip I took last weekend.
  7. Does anyone know if you can up the front amp separately? I bought a used kit from a guy on the forum that was supposed to be the kit with the sub and amp for the speakers (19303117), but I received it and it is the kit with just the sub (19303118). I'll probably send it back if I can't get the front amp separately. Thanks Scott
  8. Yep, in 2016 they only got 2 oil changes free and less miles on the warranty.
  9. Now...to match the bumpers or not to match the bumpers...
  10. Was lucky enough to plan a trip and found some deep fresh powder! Was in Grand Mesa, CO for a couple of days and heard Steamboat got nailed with fresh, so we loaded up and headed to Steamboat and it was defiantly worth it! A buddy got stuck and I was on my way to help and got stuck myself...haha
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