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  1. If you dive into this, let me know. I hate chrome and am ready to swap.
  2. I would gladly swap my chrome for black so long as the mirrors have the same options.
  3. Long story short, I got a promotion out of nowhere at work that requires some travel that will not allow me to keep leasing. Lease end in Oct of 2022, 48,750 miles allowed. Currently at 5900 miles. If you'd like details please send me a message. The only restriction is, GM Financial requires you to be a NC resident. I don't think there is anything missing from this truck far as options go. It even came with the CAI.
  4. Ceramic coating is your friend. What machine did you use and what compound/polish did you try?
  5. I've been in all kinds of boats. I started with a used 14 Highcountry in 2015 that only had 14K miles on it. It did have the trans "replaced". I should have ran then. Had to have a torque converter at around 20K miles. Then it started going into limp mode ALL THE TIME. The last 6 months I owned the truck, it was in the shop over 3 of them. I traded it in using a company discount at Ram (Chrysler Affiliates) and got a new 2017 2500 CTD. Absolutely loved it at the start. Plenty of power, comfortable seats (ride is another story) It had more recalls in the 1st 3 months than all my previous cars/trucks/suvs combined. About 6 months into ownership the back seats were getting wet. Took it in and they replaced the sunroof but that wasn't it. Had to wait 2 weeks to get a back glass. That seemed to fix it. FF to 1 year and about 4 months of owning, started having electrical issues. Dash lights up like a Xmas tree. Truck only had 20K miles on it. Picked up my new AT4 last weekend. When I was cleaning out my Ram, I found water sitting on top of my amp which was mounted to the rear wall. Also had water in the underseat storage and in the storage compartments in the floor. I think I made the right decision. Either way, I leased this truck for 3 years, did not finance this time. Time will tell.
  6. I wonder how this would work with the auto high beams? Just got my truck this past Saturday. Noticed you can't run auto highs if fogs are on.
  7. None of our docks around here mention power loading. I do see it a lot though, especially the bass boaters that don't like getting their feet wet. I have a heavy deck boat that can be a pain depending on the angle of the ramp. My wife cranks the winch and I will bump the throttle once or twice and we're good to go.
  8. Truck is right back in the shop. Almost left the family and I stranded 40 miles away from home Saturday night. Tried to start the truck and it would not turn over. 3 warnings popped up, service 4 wheel drive, service stabiltrack, service steering. Cycled the keys several times and finally got it to start. When I put it in gear it was in 3rd gear (limp). Finally got it to go into 1st and made it home. Codes were U0100 and P0700. Dropped it off yesterday evening, hope to hear something today. I give up, I don't want the truck anymore.
  9. This is true. I had an 18 loaner with the 6spd. Got plenty of clunks and harsh shifts with only 400 miles on it.
  10. Looked again on their site just to make sure I didn't miss it. They do make them for the 5.3, but not the 6.2.
  11. Has anyone done a Y after the muffler with a Corsa to run dual tips? If no one has, do you think it would effect overall sound? I spoke to a local shop and they said they could do it. I love the exhaust but not really a fan of the single exit. So my 2 choices are Y the Corsa, or sell it and go custom. If I do Y it, I would have them do a bolt on at the muffler so it could still be sold at a later date.
  12. Finally! I don't have but about 15 miles on the new converter but man, this thing shifts so nice now. I hope this one holds up.
  13. Welcome. The 6.2 is awesome. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  14. The tech was able to reproduce the shudder. They ordered a torque converter and will work on it next week.
  15. I noticed the other day that I there was a shudder from 2-3 or 3-4. It literally feels like about a second of rumble strips on the highway. So today it done it several times. I thought well, just maybe I'm hitting some spots on the road. Nope, wife definitely feels the same thing and it got worse today. It even does it cruising 55-60 in 8th. Thoughts? I'm going to call Monday and make another appointment for Thursday, on my day off, to take it in. Meanwhile I will probably test drive a 2500.
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