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  1. It Its been great. I have changed from the stockers to some aftermarket rims with a +10 offset and it actually doesn't rub as much anymore in reverse. Wouldn't change anything else.
  2. I wanna apologize in advance for this...lol. I hate being the guy that asks questions that have probably been beaten to death, but here goes..... I have a 2014 Silverado with a RC 2.5 lift, currently have 305/55 R20 Terra Grapplers on stock rims for now, and I do have slight rubbing on swaybars and back of wheel wells. I am wanting to get aftermarket rims and can get a good deal on some rims with +10 offset locally, does anyone have experience with this offset such as rubbing, etc? Any help is appreciated...let the bashing begin If this is posted in wrong area...sorry
  3. Newbie here......I will get some pics up tomorrow. I have a 2014 Silverado 2wd that I just put a RC 2.5 level and Terra grapplers (305/55R20) that I put on stock rims. I have slight rubbing at back of liner on full lock only. No other rubbing that I can tell during daily driving at this time. I love the set up.
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