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  1. Has anyone with a tahoe or suburban experience any issues with the vent controls or the temp controls only working half the time. Got my suburban used (still factory warranty) at the start of Dec 2019. Dealer has had it probably 6 times or more now and the total time they have had it would i be around 60 days or more and it’s still not fixed after all the visits.(i didn’t buy it from them but they are working on it under warranty for me. They are a great local dealer and a good group of guys but from what i gather are at a loss for words and i was told the GM techs at corporate are as well. issues: Some days the vents are stuck on a position and won’t change and the temp may not work and blow only cold and some days we have had it blow freezing cold on driver and hot as hell in the rest do the car. Some days the temp may work but the vents are stuck on the floor or defrost. It can last all day or sometimes possibly 10 minutes and then it’s like it switches over and works. Its went the most 7 days without and issue but then it started back with the same problems. i’ve been on the phone with GM with questions about the warranty and so on but it’s proving nothing more but to infuriate me each time with the Sr Manager that has my case. my question has been so if the original issue is never fixed and thus continues on till my warranty is up in 3000 miles what then. his response was your warranty is up and i said but it’s never been correctly fixed. he said they’d play it case by case. i want to have them buy it back because now everyone we do get it back it’s just a waiting game on how long til it messes up. i have a feeling it’s about to be lawyer time with the warranty act law.
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