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  1. I agree. We have a 17 Acadia Denali AWD and had a rental 18 Traverse LT V6 2WD recently, both are great drivers. I do wish our Acadia had the 9 speed and a bit more space, but my wife loves it. The Traverse was very roomy, and the added gears made it feel more peppy. If I thought I could get a reasonable trade, I might upgrade, but I really doubt that.
  2. Found the Ford info and added it, I used their lowest available gears for each. Tire diameter on the Ford is .3" smaller and is not in the calculation.
  3. I don't understand the reason not to have the ten speed on the gasser either (in the small trucks the gasser has and 8 and the diesel has a 6 speed). My main reason for my initial post was that I think people get to caught up in the asle ratios without looking at what may have changed in the transmission ratios, and I was attempting to show that another HD truck line was similar in the overall drivetrain ratio.
  4. Read my post again - at the hub. Yes, a larger/smaller tire will change the ratio at the ground, but your first post implied (to me at least) that the trucks must be running significantly different tire sizes stock.
  5. From what I can see they both use a 235/80R17, so stock to stock that still stands. But I am curious how you mean that exactly; if I put 40" boggers on both trucks that doesn't change the effective gear ratio at the hub. Interestingly, if you load the 4.10 rear from the Ram in the Chevy diesel on that spreadsheet, the top gear overall is the same with first dropping to 18.6:1.
  6. Unless my math is bad or I mistyped, the overall gear ratios are very similar to the 2018 Ram 3500s...Hence the "highway" rear gear shouldn't be a big deal (gas reverse being the exception); plus it means you end up with a beefier pinion gear. (Also assumes my Ram data sources were accurate.
  7. You could get the V6 and the 4.8 in a 5-speed. There is at least one T56 swap on youtube. (Video Link)
  8. I totally agree. For me the fuel pump and turn stalk have been maintenance items, but that was probably because they were cheapies, last set was OEM. I've only done one of the window regulators. I love my 99.
  9. I figure if I put 6 months to a year of new truck payments towards fixing up my 99 it would be good for another 10 years at least...and I can actually fix it when it breaks.
  10. Mine had the cargo package so it did come (after a made the dealer send it to me) with that one. I like that it Velcros down, I read that one of the others slides around. I wish that there was some way to see all the options, buying based on a photo that probably is not of the same vehicle is really a crapshoot.
  11. It is possible, I was told today that they have mailed all the copies, so we will see. I hope that was all it was. I see you went for the left over 17 with the rebates as well, nice!
  12. Any input on WeatherTech vs Husky for the Acadia. Mine has the second row buckets and I am looking for the best protection, all three rows. We were pretty happy with the Weathertechs we had in the Avalanche.
  13. I'm hoping maybe someone here that has bought new will be able to help. I picked up a new 17 Acadia Denali for the wife over the holidays (our first new car ever) and we really like it, but I have been having quite a time with the dealer and financing. Anyway the thing i want to know, is what a paper I signed in the sales office said exactly. I skimmed them as I was signing and said "I want a copy of these because I won't remember what they said", the response was "Yeah, you will get a copy of everything." Anyway, drove the 4 hours home that night and when I opened the fat envelope they had given me the next day it included none of the papers I had asked for. I have made numerous calls and emails to the dealer asking for these with no luck. That brings me to the specific one I am looking for and i would think most GM sales would have it. It mentioned something about 2500 miles and the warranty, and I swear the salesman said something to the effect of the warranty would be canceled if I did not do whatever it was by 2500 miles. Does anyone know what this paper said/might have said? It may have been a mileage cutoff for adding an extended warranty, I don't know, but its driving me nuts. The vehicle was purchased in AZ if that makes a difference. Thanks all.
  14. I can't watch the video right now, but did you make sure it's not the U joint?
  15. Have you pounded on the cat with the truck off? I had the internals of the cats on my Trans Am come loose.
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