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  1. So far, sans the post over in Engines about PIP 5409A, truck is good. Got the base extended cab 2wd. Like the way it rides - if its the electronic steering that's making it so crisp - well done chevy - love it. Question is this - what is/was the logic behind the 6 gears? I had two 4cyl 5spd rangers previously. Obviously you can't do much in 5th gear and passing on the e-way in a city requires 4th gear. As I'm driving this 6, what's the logic behind adding the 6th? Doesn't seem all that much added benefit and you're never in 5th without needing 6th soon. Not very knowledgeable, just asking to learn. After 20yrs in a 5spd, it's taking some getting used to that down and right is a forward gear - about a week into driving it my subconscious is coming around that shifting over there is ok...
  2. 2016 Colorado 4cyl 6speed Extended Cab Base 600mi. Traded in my ranger with 180k miles, 4cyl 5speed 2wd no-cab. Wasn't a thing wrong with it, I just needed a cab and the old adage - sell it while its still running. Loved her but it was time and they aren't coming back with the ranger for a few more years. bummer. I commute 30mi to work but hunt, have a small 500lb atv, and haul the occasional furniture/landscape load a few times each year. Wanted to stay close to 20k and the danger ranger did all of that and more every time I asked it. I'm building a flagstone patio fire pit. The ranger hauled 1 pallet in two trips, 1k lbs each trip. Needed a few extra so picked up 930lbs (weighed at store) with the Chevy at 600miles on it. Turn truck on and "Service Stabilitrak" "Engine Power Reduced" and check engine light on. Power cycled a few times and first two gone (no longer in low power mode) but engine light remained. Called dealer, they said to drop load and bring it in. Dropped weight, engine light off. Service tech said it was DTC P16f3 setting flipped. Read Pip - said I didn't know how to drive a stick. Funny, original clutch in damn good shape on that ranger and never owned an automatic transmission. I was able to recreate the issue Sunday. I was hauling my tree stands up to the hunting property and needed to reverse up an incline. The same 3 error messages popped: "Engine Power Reduced" "Service Stabilitrak" "Engine light" This really sucks because then the engine is in that low power mode for an indeterminate amount of time. Shutting off/on isn't an immediate fix, almost like I need to have it on for a bit and then cycle it. Driving in that mode is out of the question for me. After reading the bulletin - this message pops when I put it in gear w/ a load or up an incline with anything less than 2,000 rpms. This is not ideal because it does not allow me to ease into the gear without that message and ensuing power mode - basically it's saying you need to sacrifice the clutch to avoid it in those instances. bummer. computer is attempting to be smarter than the situation applies for. Bottom of PIP said "we're working on it".......which could mean anything really. The engine light shut off as it did the first time after an indeterminate amount of time. There's also another setting I'd like to bring up. It's not a big deal to me like the first, more annoying. When I'm driving in any gear and take my foot off the gas in traffic, etc and then put my foot on the gas to maintain steady speed - the upshift light comes on even at around 2-2.5k rpms. it will stay on until significant gas is applied and then come on again where it should around 3.5-4k rpms. More annoying cause it sits right next to the digital speedometer. No mr. computer - I will not shift into 5th gear at 2,000 rpms from 4th. Anyone know of a way to shut that thing off? Had passenger take photo: image upload
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