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  1. Hello Everybody! Have not been posting here for around a year) Getting back to the oil leak - It is Rear Main Seal - I am losing 1 liter of oil per 5000km in very hot period in summer. Other than that it is ok, so I have been told that i do not have to mess around with it as it is pain to change it... But I still consider putting a new one till the end of the year. As per oil selection- I use AcDelco 5w30 API SN/ILSAC GF-5. But we have in stores new Lukoil 5w30 dexos2 http://lukoil-masla.ru/en/Products/ProductCard?product=50. Unfortunately we do not have GM recommended dexos1 grade oils here. Lukoil factory support assured me that it is possible to use dexos2 though I have read information that dexos2 is recommended for diesel engines: http://www.centerforqa.com/dexos-brands/ Would you recommend switching to dexos2? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello All, I use Canon 6D with EF24-105 f4 / EF50 f1.8
  3. Dmitriy

    02 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 LT

    Hi, check out my 02 Chevy Tahoe 5.3 LT! Complete stock except 275 tires)
  4. Hello Everybody, Would like to join the conversation with my issue) I do have G80 and GT4 listed in RPO sticker of my 2002 Tahoe. As per all above said - I should have a lockining rear diff (Eaton)? Or the best way will be removing the cover and checking personally? I remember on a thin ice I was pressing gas in 2wd mode while trying to go up the hill - tires were slipping, then I felt a bump from the rear and the car jerked ahead. i guess that was the engagement of the diff. It did not help me to go up the hill though, as the tires were bald and I had to turn on 4low... P.S. When I was ordering rear brake pads I had to get ones with this description: 'Rear; w/ Limited Slip Axle' My pads are different from those off no-LS-axle: more prolonged in shape. Again a kind of messy characteristics - so I have to go practical way - open the cover and see. It will also help to get away from the myth of my mechanic, trying to add LS additive to the oil))
  5. I noticed some oil traces around the oil plug coming from above. I am going to clean it up and check if the oil is leaking and if oil grade is the cause. Thanks for the advice!
  6. So, As far as I see there is no such a necessity to use ...W40 oil due to hot weather?
  7. Does not such a wide temp range mean that there is a lot of additives in it? I am not sure about positive side of additives for the engine.
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum and unfortunately I was unable to find the answer for my issue, so I decided to open a new topic. I live in a region where air get as hot as 45C degrees (113F) in summer and rarely gets below -10C (14F) in winter. I drive 2002 Tahoe 5.3LT with 168000 miles on it. And aI am concerned about the engine oil to be used. I obtained it a year ago from the owner who used 10w40 synthetic oil. I switched to 5w30 as per oil cap and specs. Though as far as I know 5w30 is only suitable for usage in environments up to 30C degrees the engine sounds and feels smoother...(I may be mistaken) I think about switching to more suitable oil for hot weather conditions, especially after I saw notes about high mileage engines must be lubricated with more viscose oil..(10w40, or 15w50 or any other) Could you please recommend the right oil to use? I am looking forward to keep up the engine in the best shape - so price does not matter Thanks in advance!
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