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  1. Goodyear wrangler kevlar tires on my 05 worked great for first 2 years. Going to try Duratracs next for even better snow handling.
  2. Hello, I have an 05 Suburban, 4x4, 5.3L engine, regular trim. Time to get new tires for the burb and was thinking of lifting it up a bit and getting bigger tires. The stock tires are 265/70r16 and stock height. (Sick of needing ramps to work under a truck) I was thinking of a 2" lift with 285/75r16 duratracs. This would give me 33" tires and better clearance but not go too huge. Anyone got experiance with this? Looks like shock extenders or new shocks are needed, (just as well since 100k on the original shocks they can use a freshening). What is the impacts to towing, milage, etc? Fairly easy to do yourself? Any recalibration I need to do? What is the long term impact? This is my first lift and tire mod, so pretend I am stoopid. This is my weekend, housework, dog, camping and rough weather truck. Thank you. Mark.
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