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  1. Lol yea I saw that. I also sent him a pm last month but no response.
  2. I have the money ready for when your ready to ship it. 95219 is my zip code. PayPal or Venmo just let me know.
  3. You always hear terrible stories about spacers and hardly any positive ones. I personally don’t have any experience with them. I done researched as well just still don’t feel safe putting them on.
  4. Can the same be done to a 2014 SLE with rear assist? There’s a painted bumper for sale locally without the holes for cheap that I can pick up.
  5. Got her washed for the first time of the year.
  6. Yeah that’s pretty convincing but let’s see it from a members truck.
  7. Make sure to post pictures once you have them. Would really be interested in ordering if they are bright
  8. How much to ship to 95219? And If I’m not mistaken it should fit my 2014 Sierra SLE
  9. Thanks. I tried to get the glow as best as I could
  10. This his how she looks now after two years of owning her. RC level kit up front with the LTZ rims. Looking for a slightly higher lift now since shocks need to be replaced.
  11. Does anyone know the part number for this. I washed my truck yesterday and realized I was missing one. Specifically the passenger side. Any help is greatly appreciated I circled the item in talking about
  12. Got bored and installed the running boards and painted the grill
  13. Loving the matched front number. Your truck looks great and congrats on the buy
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