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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Michael and im 18 yeas old .i have a stock 2000 Silverado 1500 5.3 ext 2wd with 260k on the odo and still running strong! My dad special ordered the truck brand new from factory back in the day and its been with us every since and now it belongs to me. The truck is old and i figured it be time to update this bad boy. the truck has been good to my dad and i all these years so figured it deserves the upgrades. What id like to do 1st is some suspension mods and then engine mods sometime in the future. What id like to know if you guys could help me out with what i should get for suspension? what im looking for is a 3/5 drop...im not looking for some kind of autocross set up,but something that can take corners would be nice. just something that is comfortable for daily use and wont beat me up too much but at the same time a nice handling package.
  2. Hello everyone my name is Michael and im new to this forum.i have a stock 2000 Silverado 1500 ext 2wd 5.3 with 260k miles on it and is still running strong,i plan to lower it 1st and some engine mods after that. So what id like to know is what would be a good kit to purchase for my truck,im looking for a 3/5 drop and something that can ride comfortable,but that can also handle corners very well,id prefer something that isnt crazy in price,but no cheap parts either. so what im pretty much looking for is a suspension kit,bushings,and sway bars. And any other things you guys think i would need. also, no i dont think ill be flipping the rear leaf springs, so that would be out of the question. Thanks,Michael
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