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  1. Hello everybody, I hate to be the guy who joins a forum and ask one question but I really need a hand. I have a 97 Suburban 2500 with a 454. Long story short I put a new starter on it and it shook loose breaking one of this bolts, I tried to extract it but broke the extractor off in the bolt and can't get I out. I bought a mini starter that is supposed to work with a 153 or 168 pattern flywheel (flex plate whatever) and it didn't work, it ground and spun but wouldn't get it started. It's like it isn't engaging far enough but the other starter is but obviously I can't use it because of the bolt issue. The flywheel has some scuffing on it but isn't missing any teeth so I don't think that is it. I guess what I am asking is, does a starter exist with a straight bolt pattern that will work on my truck with a bell housing and if so what model car or truck did it come on so I can tell them at the auto parts store, and will it even work with my truck? Sent from my 5017O using Tapatalk

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