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  1. I have a 15 LT and have it but, I think it was added to the lower trim trucks starting in 2015+ ,( please correct me if I'm wrong ) with that said, I find it kinda a cool feature but, rarely use it or forget to set to it when out in the woods.
  2. Tongue wieght should be 10% to 12% of boat and trailer combined. I would guess yours should be around 350 to 425lbs of tongue weight.
  3. I believe you have to remove the whole grill and then remove the clips from the backside.
  4. Non-Z-71 trucks also have Auto 4WD Living here in Washington, mine gets used a lot.
  5. Lifting the truck will affect the aerodynamics and cause a loss of MPG's and if you haven't recalibrated the speedo for the taller tire size that will also affect the MPG's and the shift points of the transmission. I used HPtuners to calibrate mine when I went with 33's and a leveling kit.
  6. Mine does this in my 2015 every now and then. I've noticed it does it when turning right when the tire goes over the paint strip for a ccross walk and it did it in a parking lot when I went through a small water puddle and didn't get the whole tire wet. I took it to the dealer and they couldn't duplicate the issue. My thought was maybe one of the speed sensors is at fault and engages the Stabilitrac system?
  7. Hey guys, thought I would share a pic of my 2015 Silverado.

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