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  1. Man I just want it to sit flush and snap in. What fin did you notch? Is it where I circled in red?
  2. The General Manager told me it would start the day I bought it. So did the business manager. I did get a really good deal. But I would rather the warranty start the day I bought it.
  3. No. Dealer had it as a new vehicle. They received it September 2018 and that’s when they put it into service so that is when the warrant started. The first time I drove it it only had 5 miles. I put on 20 miles before I bought it because i test drove it 2 times. I would just think warranty would start the day you buy a new car.
  4. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask. i bought a 2018 Sierra yesterday. I got almost 17k off the msrp. The truck is considered new. It had 26 miles when I left the dealership. Anyways, I asked the salesman about the warranty and he told me it started the day the truck was put into service. I then proceded to tell him that when I bought my last new truck (2015 Sierra) the warranty started the day I bought it. He went and asked his manager when the warranty actually starts and the manager said it would start the day I bought it. I called GM customer service and they told me that the warranty had started in September 2018, which was when the truck was put into service. Im not sure what to do. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. thanks. I really like the 22s but i want to be able to run 22s all year and not have to worry about switching them out for the winter. Have you had any issues with running your grey wheels in the winter? any flaking or anything?
  6. Ok thanks. Do you run your 22s all year round?
  7. does anyone have the Bridgestone Dueler Alenza P285/45R22 that they have used in winter?. I bought a take off set of these with the chrome factory 22" and i was just wondering if anyone has that setup and has used it in snow and ice.
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