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  1. Awesome thanks for the help, gonna get the GMC ones. Is it tough getting into the mirror housing?
  2. Anyone know if these would fit our trucks, even with some modification if need be?
  3. I was going to do 3rd setting on mine but ended up getting 4 wheel parts to do the top setting. Was thinking about a 2" block in the rear. I have the 5100's in the rear I installed myself. With the 6112's in the front I still have a slight rake, glad I went on the highest setting and don't even think I need the rear block either.
  4. Any chance you guys could help with what part numbers for everything for police pads and rotors?
  5. Ya I'm not getting it done until minimum my next oil change either, I agree they should be replacing the whole thing.
  6. Got my recall letter in the mail. Re-programming sounds like a band-aid. Anyone know whats involved in replacing the faulty part and how much it would cost?
  7. Just installed the 6112's on the front and 5100's on the rear. Did the rears myself, got 4wheelparts to do the fronts on the highest setting. Seem pretty good so far! I disagree with some people who say "night and day difference" but they do soak up the big bumps more easily and the truck seems more stable. Truck is still ever so slightly higher in the rear but other than that leveled out.
  8. This thread was started to bypass people like GTPrix and MVI, they should stop trying to hijack the thread. th3magpi3 was kind enough give us a reasonably priced programming option instead of being greedy about it. MVI wouldn't even properly answer my questions with previous emails.
  9. Agreed, i was looking into the Fox 2.0 and 2.5's and neither of them seem to have very good reviews. I find it a bit weird the 2019's are a new platform and they still don't have the 6112's for the 2014-2018 trucks, fingers crossed!
  10. I really hope so, there have been rumours for years now.
  11. Just a thought, but since we are all going through the trouble of updating, would it be possible to update to a 2019 HMI? I think they have a few new features.
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