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  1. Just got the new special coverage. Now extends the coverage to 10yrs/240000kms
  2. Nice word smithing chief, do any reading on this topic and with any insight into vehicle maintenance and parts and you'll see it's not a one off problem caused by poor maintenance. This is a forum not a place to sit down and write a thesis. BTW the pot calling the kettle black, you referencing the first post in a thread with exerpts from a GM listed fix and likely problem isn't exactly scientific. Face it you're a GM fan boy who will stop at nothing to blame owners instead of realizing people pay too much for the junk quality you get in a vehicle.
  3. Sounds like a good way to blame the owner, except this is happening to vehicles with next to no miles and not to mention GM uses semi synthetic where most people with the problem use quality full synthetic. The pump is a pos chinesium part, that's why they stopped using it in 2019, and they already have a revision as a replacement.
  4. That’s right. I even called GM and told them that 2014 owners are over their “special coverage” warrantee and it’s bs. Just got the corporate line.
  5. Ya GM already did this in Canada. It’s not a fix. It’s a CYA and shift of liability for GM. All it does is make the earning light come on sooner. Doesn’t make the brakes work any better. In fact I still can’t stop with a trailer on while backing up and no light comes on saying to service the assist.
  6. The vacuum pump and belt need to be changed out. I'm not doing mine until I've fought this to the end. I would get the recall work done, then call the Transport Recall line. The more of us that call the better. They can force GM to make a new recall.
  7. I just had this re programming done. Did absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Interesting how everyone knows it's a faulty vacuum booster but to avoid a costly recall they do a simple re programming. I called the Transport Safety Recall line to report that the recall doesn't fix the issue, they informed me that the "programming" is a change in the parameters for the brake system warning message to appear. So all this means is that for the warning to be triggered it requires less of a vacuum loss. This is meant to mitigate the risk enough for GM to just make the minimum legal requirements. The staff at the Transport Safety Recall line are great and the more people who call the better. Anyone with this issue give them a shout, maybe GM will actually fix the issue. 1-800-333-0510
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