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  1. Why isnt GM addressing this issue. Wide spread media is covering this matter, but yet, no one from GM is speaking up. 3 years later, uhhhh I know you guys went threw a buy out, government overhaul so to speak, but now your selling your loyal customers out, and soon you will lose them if you do not speak up. I am on the fence frankly, whether I buy another GM again. This isnt just on the Suburbans, Yukons, Tahoes, etc... its on the trucks as well as other vehicles. this is what happens when a government entity takes over the company and starts running it with a bean counter mentality. Oh boy.... This has to be hitting the bottom line for GM. Yeah, I see there numbers are cranking on the global market, stock market, and they are meeting expectations, but think if this issue did not exsist, You have to wonder what numbers GM would be doing then. Get a clue GM. FORD in my opinion makes a far superior product, and was never bought out or bailed out by the government, there for quality never compromised by cuts because of the bail out. just goes to show you, governments entities do not belong in the world of owning companies, they are a regulator only, and thats questionable and subjective for sure. I would be curious if GM had the balls enough to chime in these blogs, and give there loyal customers peace of mind, and address this matter, letting all know that they are working on mitigating or addressing the issues, for future production. My wife and I were gung ho to buy a Suburban, until I just so happen to stumble across an internet blog about a vibration issue with this model, then after doing further research, there is 8,750 TOPICS of this issue since late 2014. about the time when the new 2015 production come out to the public. man, this has to be hitting the bottom line for GM. If FORD was smart, they would bring back the excursion, diesel. I would buy it in a heat beat. If GM doesnt address this issue, or gives us a answer whether or not they will buy it back if just so happen to buy one of these SUVs and it has a vibration or buffeting issue, we are not even entertaining buying it. why would i wan this heartburn. just saying..... GM?
  2. I would be curious to understand the actual numbers of vehicles plagued with this issue, verses the actual production of cars made. are we talking 2%, 10% 20%??? This would be a huge factor for us, and if we were to so happen to purchase one of these lemons, will GM honor a lemon law buy back, and replace with a vehicle that does not have these symptoms. GM this would be your cue to chime in, and give your loyal customers confidence, and peace of mind, and lets not forget, this bad media has to be hitting your bottom line. I know we are on the fence big time. We have been loyal FORD buyers for over 20 years, for the simple fact that my brother is a FORD Dealership mechanic, with that, gave us piece of mind, however, as the years have gone by, our FORDS have never given us any problems, especially my 2002 FORD F250 SUPER CREW 7.3. i still own this truck, and honestly, I will never sell it for the simple fact that it is a german tank, and as reliable as a timex watch. The only reason we are jumping ship is because we need a SUV that can tow our Malibu Boat. Rest assure, if FORD still made the Excursion (diesel) it wouldnt even be a second thought what SUV we would be buying. On goes the dilemma........ do we, or dont we buy one of these SUV. crap shooot..... GM PLEASE CHIME IN....

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