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  1. I just made sure everything was secure and out of the way as possible, I'd like to change a few things in the wire routing but will wait for warmer weather. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I did them in a 15 GMC and it was a good kit, good install, and great output.
  3. Are those the factory GMC wheels? I didn't think GMC was using 5 spoke patterns like Chevy. All I had previously seen was 6 and 8 and then whatever the Denalis get that look like Peterbilt wheels, not sure why they ever started using those things.
  4. I definitely need to crank the front of my truck up a bit! I put around 1k lbs in the back with the winter weather to help counteract the plow on the front, but the front sags a lot harder with the plow raised. Crew cabs look easier to level than doubles, the extended wheelbase must even things out a bit or at least make the truck appear to be more level than a double.
  5. Old truck, haven't towed anything really with the new one yet.
  6. I would recommend the previous gen style mirrors if possible. I liked the new mirrors, the visibility seems a bit better than the older style, and the rear facing LED lighting was cool, but the blinkers in the mirrors were so bright and blinding at night that you can not see what you're turning into. If they can hook up everything except the blinker in mirror feature, do that, otherwise get the older style. My 15 1500 NHT had the new style, and my 15 3500HD has the older, it's so nice being able to see where I'm turning at night again.
  7. This may be old news but that load was fine. I hauled 10,800lbs with my 15, granted it had the NHT package putting me at a 11k tow rating, but it was fine. I had some payload in the bed, whatever junk I typically haul in the cab, etc. The biggest thing is a properly loaded trailer right down to the tire pressure. It stopped it just fine, pulled it up hill just fine, wasn't an issue. This was a 3 time deal with the travel distance being approx. 12 miles each way. No, I wouldn't want to do that on a regular basis, but for the occasional chore I wouldn't hesitate for a second. Don't have that issue anymore as I recently traded that truck, but I wouldn't think twice about hauling the load you're talking about with your truck, just would have wanted a little more on the tongue.
  8. I have experience with a PJ tandem ax landscape trailer and it is built very well. It's a 7x14 with a 7k rating, I would say by looking at it that it's capable of a higher GVW with heavier axles. I would go PJ for a dump trailer. I also have a Sure-Trac 7x14 single ax and a 3500lb rating that has been a real workhorse. Definitely a light duty build, but 8 years old and probably nearing 75k miles it pulls true and has held up great. Either brand has my support. Sorry I don't have dump trailer feedback but as far as the brand is concerned I wouldn't worry in the build quality department.
  9. xenon-depot.com kit, was recently $185 for the complete kit. Took a few hours to install due to pulling grill and headlight assemblies out, there is drilling required on the headlights due to the way the wires are concealed inside. They work great and the kit is good quality. Different color options are available for light temperature.
  10. Grill inserts do dress it up nicely, I'm waiting to pop in an LED light bar in that hole instead, though. That would provide me some better function when I need it.
  11. Xenon-depot.com with the philips bulbs. There was a discount going on at the time. Connectors and wiring all looked and felt good quality, very happy with it overall.
  12. I was definitely not happy with the stock headlights on my truck, and bought an HID upgrade kit. Worth every penny. Had to adjust the aim higher just a tad from stock also. I could care less about fog lights, they haven't helped me on any previous vehicle I've owned.
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