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  1. All pickup truck manufacturers should have this feature; a light on the dash that indicates your tailgate is down. For those of us with tonneau covers on the bed, it is almost impossible to see if your tailgate is down. Unlike my old truck, the rear view camera on the Chevy helps with this at least partially but I don't always go in reverse when hopping in the truck I will readily admit that I have lost some gear by being in a rush; and not remembering to close the dang tailgate. I think most pickup truck owners have experienced this as well. And it's such a simple issue to remedy. Greg
  2. Flat coats are nice dogs...my Boykin is always happy to be in the back of the truck too! He knows when I throw the moving blanket over the back seat we are heading afield. My plan is to build a box for under seat storage as others have done.
  3. Like that box....I have to ask....is that a Boykin?
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