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  1. I know the feeling, had to search for a CCSB for quite some time before I was able to find one in the combo I wanted. Spent months looking between Rochester, NY and Detroit. Finally one popped up at a dealer 45 minutes away and I snagged it the same week, plus it was on a serious sale! Hang in there, be patient, check the site every couple weeks or so and it will pay off. Good luck!
  2. Hey all, Been lurking for the past year or so, first time poster. Picked up this 2017 Sierra Denali in March of this year, and have proceeded to turn it into project code name 'Hillbilly Deluxe' over the past 6 months or so. Vehicle itself is a 6.2L CCSB Denali, every option of the 'Ultimate' short of the tri-power steps which will be addressed by adding Amp steps sometime in the near future. Color is Black with Cocoa/Dune interior. Modifications thus far include: - 6" BDS Lift - 22" Fuel Maverick 2-piece PVD / Black Wheels - 35" Nitto Ridge Grappler Tires - Color Matched Bushwacker Flares - Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper w/Grill Guard - Rigid Radiance 20" Blue Backlight LED Bar (wired w/radiance cubes) - Rigid Radiance Blue Backlight LED Cubes (wired w/radiance bar) - Rigid DOT/SAE Compliant Fog Lights (wired to stock fog switch) - OEM Denali Tow Mirrors - OEM GMC Tonneau - Black GMC Badges First round of modifications (lift, wheels/tires) done at 1k, the rest done at 10k. Truck is currently still at 10k as I just got it back from my local shop. Having a blast with this bad boy, and it sure turns a few heads and gets a bunch of smiles going down the road. Future modifications include rear fab fours bumper (I have the 'premium' in my garage, but believe I'm going to send it back for the matching vengeance), blacked out tow mirror lenses, Diablew, and possibly intake/exhaust. For now just going to enjoy the ride! Will be posting up my stock bumper, LED fogs, DL8 mirrors, and practically new 20" OEM Denali wheels/tires on the for sale forum here shortly for those that may be interested. Located in Western NY.
  3. Beautiful! How do you like the Fabtech? I just picked up a 17 Denali CC Standard Box yesterday, planning my build now - up in the air between Fabtech and BDS. Apologize in advance for the barrage of questions - feel free to answer what you like. Did you install traction bars with the lift? I see BDS has these available for an extra $600 or so. Not sure if they're needed with the 6.2 or not. Do you have any rubbing with the 35x12.5's with the -24 offset? Did you have to trim? Do you have a picture straight on of how much they stick past the fenders currently? I'll be getting Bushwackers as well, ideally looking for a setup that will have the fire flush with the pocket flare when all is said and done. Thanks in advance, and sweet truck!!
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