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  1. I have a 15 2500hd lt. Stock now but just found a great deal on some 35/12.5/20. I plan on cranking the keys 2"-2.5" for fitment. Ill exten shocks, drop diff, etc as time goes on. Ill be buying wheels to match these tires. I like the look of wider offset but will that help or hurt the fitment in the wheel well? Anybody have a good offset? Not trying to go crazy just want to go out to a +12 or 0 offset if it makes sense with a 20x9 or 10.
  2. Anybody have any nrands for cell phone or lapton brackets/holders. Probably just get a universal cellphone clip but i need ideas for mountion my laptop so i can comfortable type in the truck. Thanks
  3. The housing is plug in but the trucks arent set up for daytime running lights with an led bar. I believe the come with an extra wire for the drls that needs power.
  4. Copious you guys point me in the right direction as fast as how to add power gradually. I.e. what order would you modify which parts? Thinking exhaust first only because i want more aggressive tone. Not super Loud though. Suggestions for Suggestions systems are appreciated as well
  5. Anybody running aftermarket headlights? I love the look of the winjet housings with drl built in. Wondering if you guys have any opinions on best way to wire them. Most people say to wire to purple wire for the key on power so they light up when you unlock the truck and i believe any time its running. Thanks in advance
  6. That looks like exactly what i need. Maybe i should have mentioned im not looking to add a plow. Im just looking to get rid of the ground scraping look and also make room for bigger tires. This removes the entire bottom portion of the bumper valance correct? So tire rub on the front of the tire would be minimized? Seems to be a common problem. Sorry i cant envision it completely as my new truck wont be delivered until friday most likely. Chomping my nails off waiting. Been almost a month without a truck and ive never owned a truck this nice. (Black 15 chevy 2500 LT 4X4 CREW CAB) ill post pics when i get it. Have plans to do some cool stuff with 3m wrap and some minor lifting with tires soon.
  7. Anybody have pictures and/or videos for a clean valance trim?
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