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  1. I called RC on the subject and they said it's ok go for it lol but I ended up ordering the blocks from their 7 inch lift
  2. ai have the 1500.How do u crank it down?I rub as it is but I didn't stack the blocks I bought the 7" blocks from RC
  3. so as the title says I have a 2011 GMC Sierra 4 x 4 extended cab I just installed a 6 inch rough country lift and 20 x 12's with 35 12 1/2's tires. everything looks good then worked out fine but the rear sets lower than the front although the truck is level and I hate that look so I'm giving a rough country a call tomorrow see if there's anything I can do any kind of adjustments to raise the back but what I was thinking to deal with it now while the truck is in the shop without waiting for another three or four days for extra parts from somewhere will it be OK to put the stock lift blocks and
  4. I thought since the lift actually is the cross members that get installed and everything bolts to that It uses the same size shocks...hmm might be right.
  5. Just have them vinyl wrapped in gloss black vinyl,I just did mine it turned out amazing.u still have your sensors and i only costed e 150$
  6. so i ordered my 6" rough country liftsnd i see it comes with their shocks, but my truck has brand new bilsteins and the ride is amazing.will I be able to use them with the lift instead of the bootleg rough country shocks that it comes with?
  7. i just ordered my rough country lift,6" I called them up and they told me that I need min of 18" wheel because of shake fitment.does anybody running that lift with 17" wheel ?
  8. if you can fold them up and stick em in a box to NJ I'll take them
  9. do u still have the floor mats?
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