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  1. I just picked up a set of CK158 Chevy wheels off Craigslist with the intentions of running them as my winter wheels. Before I mount them up I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with running these or any of the other GM option wheels in the winter. Do they pit or corrode easily from road salt? https://goo.gl/images/xCTu2b
  2. I should add a few things to my first post: - my truck is 4wd - I do all of the calculations by hand each time I fill up. The Dash always says I get 1-3mpg better than what I actually get. - these calculations are for a full tank of gas, not just a few miles - my city driving is city driving. I drove 11 miles the other day while doing errands around town over the span of 2 hours. Average city speeds are maybe 25 miles per hour - I do about 10 miles of highway driving per day going to work. On the highway I do have a heavy foot and usually travel 80-85mph Ive been keeping track over the last few months and the best Ive had is just a hair over 16mpg. I average about 15-15.5mpg. My last full up was yesterday and I got 15.1mpg over 260 total miles. I live just outside of Boston so I envy all these guys getting 20+mpg. Im going to look for a beater car that gets better fuel efficiency for my commute. Now just to convince my wife thats a good idea...
  3. I have a 2014 Sierra V6 and I've been averaging about 14.5-15.5 mpg. I do about 80% city and 20% highway driving. I currently have the stock 22" OEM wheels but even with my 17" wheels I was getting around 15-16 mpg. I would have thought with a smaller engine I would have had higher mpg but no such luck. Does anyone else get similar mileage or is mine oddly low?
  4. They look very similar to the 2016 GMC Sierras, very simple design. Just a projector and U DRL just like the OEM lights on the newer trucks. Unless you don't like the look of the newer truck lights. Just a nice alternative for those who don't want to spend double the amount on a set of OEM lights IMO
  5. They work with all versions supposedly. The U bar functions as a parking light
  6. That's the deal of a lifetime. I'd jump on that in a heartbeat! I'm thinking about buying the new Anzo lights just to get a set that looks like the 2016....
  7. I bought a Tyger tri-fold tonneau cover for $215 off of Amazon and I love it. Looks sharp, are it keeps the bed dry. Just as good as the $800+ covers the dealer sells
  8. Thanks for the link. If you're still having the issue with the bulbs, it's a CANBUS issue that requires resistors. I had to get a set for my led bulbs as well
  9. Do you have the eBay link to the seller you bought the taillights from? Also, who did you get the harnesses from?
  10. What kind of issues have you heard of other people having with the Anzo lights? How long have you had yours installed? Any lens yellowing/other signs of aging?
  11. Valid point. I've never put in a set of aftermarket headlights so I can't give my opinion on the quality of the Anzo lights. That's what I was looking for here. I did find a F150 forum topic on a similar set of Anzo lights that has 430 pages. Common consensus over there is that the housing build quality is good, but the connectors seem to be cheaper than the OEM connectors. Also, most of the guys who purchased the Anso lights replaced the included halogen H7 bulb with LED bulbs, aimed the headlights properly, and were satisfied with the output. I went through about 20 pages of the thread and didn't see any of the issues you described. Maybe that was with the older CCFL/Halo style Anzo lights? I have noticed since I've owned my 2014 Sierra (only a few months) that the low-beams don't seem to be as bright as previous vehicles I've driven and the high-beams aren't much of a help. I replaced the stock halogen lights with LED which did help, but this new U bar Anzo design looks really really good. It seems like a good alternative to buying the stock 2017 headlights for $800+ on top of new harnesses for around $200. I have a friend who has a dealer account with an offroad company. If he can get the Anzos for a good price I may give them a shot.
  12. Has anybody ordered these yet? I just saw them listed as a new product on the Anzo website. They sell two versions: white U-Bar DRL and white/amber switchback U-Bar DRL. These are the best looking aftermarket headlights I've seen besides the oem 2017 headlights. It says they fit in 2014-2017 Sierras. If anyone has installed them, does the U-Bar come on as the DRL, or does the headlight bulb have to be on?
  13. I just got done painting my GMC emblems white with plastidip. 4 coats white, 4 coats glossifier.
  14. AVS in-channel visors. No issues yet, they've been installed for 3 weeks.
  15. I finally was able to take a pic of my truck. I just added the tonneau cover, step rails, and in-channel window visors last weekend. Previous upgrades include the du-ha underseat storage, 20% front tint, and 22" OEM wheels
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