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  1. Did it include 2017 GMC 1500 I had to pay out of pocket on mine.
  2. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? Yes in upgrading my off road lighting and suspension. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? No I purchase based on quality and durability of the product. The reviews of the product are also very important. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? No quality and durability are the most important thing then look of the product. You need all to have a successful product.
  3. It the GMC Allterian X with Fox shocks and different front number I could make my X look like that for about 5k.
  4. Do you have any close ups of the gaps your talking about on the white 1500 looks great to me. Can't wait to do it to my 17.
  5. Looking to get about 4 inches to 4.5 inch lift out of my truck with cutting the frame if possible. I have no issue to change the control arms. Just not wanting to cut the frame if possible was looking at the CST lifts seem to nice quality and get very good reviews. Definitely gone go with the fox shocks they seem to be the best and every likes them.
  6. I was thinking of putting these shocks on my 2017 GMC All Terrain X, do I need to do a complete lift kit or can I use jut the shocks don't really want to cut the frame.
  7. I have had both radar detectors and was a very loyal supporter of escort for years, i probably own almost every version they made since I started driving. The last one was 9500 series in blue I really like it a lot, especially the blue led display was very easy on the eyes at nigh. Yes the gps was a nice feature but what pissed me off were two things, every time they came out with some thing new you had to buy a new detector and the GPS feature. Let me goto into the GPS feature that you speak so highly of it is the worse part of the detector. I locked out a signal a few days earlier as I come back into the same spot not a single beep from it,the bam state troopers not one but two running a speed trap needles to say that was the last day I trusted it. Put it on eBay sold it for almost what I paid for it, and bought the V1. The v1 is much better at detecting alerts sooner and telling you the direction plus if you add on the Bluetooth option the details of the alert are even better then Esctort's. If you use the Bluetooth you can blacken out the display an shows on your phone, very nice for the not friendly radar states with the blend mount mine is almost invisible to the eye. But the real thing I like about it is I have only updated mine twice in almost 10'years. Also I have only gotten pulled over twice since I owned mine and both were my fault,one I forget to turn it on and second time I want in a rental and left it home. All I can say is you have to but what you like and trust, the V1 has had better ratings by CR and Road and track, and cost value for me about total of 600 including the updates over 10 years. The number of escorts radar detectors I owned in about the same time frame was easily double some were roughly about 1200-1300 dollars.
  8. I had singed up for the tester but the test price was nuts almost a grand then you got credit for video ect. Hope fully the finshed product will be more Reasonably priced
  9. How you installed them and do you like them just order a set for my 17.
  10. @tnsierra all V1 can have blue tooth it an add on module think it about 40 bucks check the website love mine.
  11. Thanks only issue I had was the plugs kept coming out of the extension. Will work in it more later but it's working.
  12. Can you tell me the color of the plugs you used I have 2017 GMC Sierra .. thank you.
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