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  1. Thanks! That's the info I was looking for guys. Looks like I will be calling BDS tomorrow.
  2. Thanks for the replys. Fender measurements are approx 45" rear and 43" front. The measurements between the top of the tire and the fender lip are 11.5" rear and 9.75" front. So basically somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.75" rake. The rear is just the BDS replacement springs on factory blocks. I actually thought they sent me the 4" coils by mistake but the part numbers were correct.
  3. New to the forum guys and have a question on my Fox 2.5 Coilovers. I did try to search but didn't see what I was looking for. Have a 2017 Sierra with a 6" BDS lift with the BDS replacement rear springs and Fox 2.5 Coilovers. I see a lot of trucks on here with the same set up and they all look to sit level. After I installed my lift my truck still has the 2" rack to it. I actually thought they sent me the 4" coils by mistake but the part #s and measurements matched the 6". My question is did anyone have to go back and adjust their COs after installing to level it out. I have almost 3/4" of threads showing and wondered what everyone else's coils were set at. Appreciate any input or even pics of your 2.5 coils. Thanks.
  4. Builtbyme

    2017 Sierra

    2017 Sierra SLT CC, 6" BDS, Fox 2.5 Coilovers, Fuel 20x10 2-pic wheels, Toyo RT 35x13.5x20, AMP Research Steps, Corsa Cat-Back, K&N intake. Custom powder coated suspension.
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