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  1. Black Rhino Wheels 20x9 nitto ridge grapplers 305/55 40-50% tread All in great condition, no scratches on wheels. No plugs in tires $1200obo located in Houston. call/text for more info or pics (ate three too 9won9 11O9)
  2. Yes. First thing I did. It’s there for gas mileage at highway speeds. Don’t know how much difference it makes because I leveled and put 33’s on at the same time
  3. +1 for fishing line then use a 3M eraser wheel to pull off adhesive. Then use spray 3M adhesive remove to finish off little bits stuck on.
  4. yes. call onstar direct. I took me 5 minutes to set it up over the phone with them.
  5. Don’t believe so. You call them and they set up an account through at&t for you.
  6. https://www.bajakits.com/i-31570224-19-silverado-sierra-1500-leveling-kit.html?ref=category:1459192 edit: didn’t notice “LD”. As others have said your truck is a 2018 body style. Many leveling kits out there. I have a BDS.
  7. Seen dyno sheets claiming +59/65 Gains with e85 and tune alone on 6.2
  8. Well that’s where the difference is. E85 here is $1.41 where 93 is anywhere from $2.00-2.70. 87 is $1.55. I will say the performance is more than just a few hp though and I think worth it in my case
  9. I agree. Time and time again I’ve hear people describe this more as a performance engine with the 6.0 bring the work horse. Now I guess it’s replaced by the 6.6 which makes 401/464 allegedly. It’s not about peak numbers. It’s about where it makes its torque. That doesn’t mean the L86 can’t be used for work successful.
  10. I’m not sure on the tuning differences. Mines a 2017 didn’t think there was a difference other than the trans. I know the trans is locked on mine. I’m not familiar with the e10. What’s the octane rating on it? I always compare the e85 to 93 which is damn near a dollar cheaper around Houston. edit: I’ve seen e10, e15, e30. Assuming e10 is regular gas now (since most unleaded comes with up to 10% ethanol). I just wonder is the 87 octane rating factoring in the ethanol? Or is it actually something like 85octane boosted by ethanol?
  11. I'd recommend the Air Raid JR intake tube and filter. Lower cost and does the job. You can also modify the factory air box if you feel it will allow better/more air in.
  12. I'm awaiting my King 2.5's for front and rear along with an UCA and Deaver J1 spring kit. I'm looking at BFG KO2s in 315/70r17 on Method 313's with 0 offset. This tire measures out to about 34.5x12.5. Main reason i'm going with this tire is because it comes in a Load C range. Majority of driving will be on road, not towing. If you were to do it again, would you do anything different with your wheel/tire setup?
  13. Add Ethanol sensor and tune to run E85. Worse milage but much cheaper gas and MOAR POWERZ!
  14. No I haven't received them yet. I haven't heard of or researched the JBA's yet.
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