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  1. I've got heavy Nitto Trail Grapplers 305/55r20 about 33.2" with 6.2/8Speed and have zero issues with power. If you want a little more power, i'd look into E85 sensor. for about $300 + the cost of someone to turn on the fuel tables, you can gain 40-60hp and plenty of torque to go along with it. I wouldnt regear until youre up to a 37" tire. I'm about to go 2.5" lift with 305/70r17 which will be about 34.5" (plenty of trimming as well) and dont plan to do gears.. Instead i'm doing a light Method Wheel and BFG KO2 with C2 load range which will be a lighter tire than my E rated tires I have now.
  2. Anyone else curious about what a 5" lift on 33" tires is going to look like?
  3. Got to remember this is a brand new Engine. 1 day and 56 views with no comments is pretty normal. Not a whole lot of people with it and not a whole lot of information out there on it. It appears the duramax also has "Active Thermal Management" which is a valve that distributes hot coolant to parts of the engine that need to warm up. I Wonder if this is some kind of disconnect between your iDash and what the truck really thinks the temperature is. Youre not showing anything on the dash? Does the display show anything about engine temps or oil temps?
  4. Not the best but Not so bad as long as they're torqued right and not huge spacers. Also make sure your studs are long enough to get enough threads on the lugs nuts.
  5. Bumper hitch? How about picture with the full bumper (top) in it.
  6. Any grinding or metal work been done around your truck? I've seen paint like that when someone threw sparks all over it and the tiny metal pieces were allowed to sit on the paint.
  7. I wouldnt normally agree but he seems oddly upset about this. I don't like the fact that my range is less than ideal but I wouldn't go this far with it.
  8. Personal preference. Like said above, some lifts will add width to front and not rear due to being independent front suspension. So you'll front tires will stick out further than your rear tires. It bugs the hell out of me when i see this on the road so i would definitely add spacers if it were me.
  9. Putting 34.5's on a 2.5" lift soon. Little NorCal Mod and boom, no rubbin.
  10. If you search on this forum you'll see others that have the same issue. If I remember correctly, it probably has something to do with the specific wheel/tire setup that you have on your truck. Different Chevy/GMC wheels have different offsets. The type of control arm you have may have something to do with it as well. This body style came with 3 different type of UCA's.
  11. This is common. I've seen several people talk about this on here. Seems like a design flaw with certain OE wheel offsets.
  12. Just for the fact that you said Pinterest in this post i'm going with a JK, but in all seriousness i've seen much worse. Looks like they were going for the Tonka Truck/Matchbox car look. At least i hope so.
  13. I saw someone who did this and took two of the 3/8" spacers out of the J1 leafs.
  14. You could get the shocks for the 4.5" lift. It would limit your up travel, but i'm not sure if it would limit it enough to cause issues until you get the 4.5" lift on. You can install them and check travel.
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