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  1. I had two previous Bose systems in a 2003 Silverado with console sub and a 2005 Tahoe with console sub. I liked both systems very much. They seemed to fit the cabin and were tuned well. I have bought a 2017 Silverado without console so I do not have the sub and the front doors are the bass for sure. I love the sound of it but I am having issues with rattles in the Driver's door. Dealer has "looked" at it once with no correction but I will be addressing it again with them soon. I am a Bass player and do a ton with music recording and sound. I use it to post listen to my mixes from recording... I am a Bose guy with Bose in the house as well. I am sure there are systems out there that others like more but if you really like and listen to music the Bose has a certain something. Nope, it wont shake you out of the truck but at a mid volume, IMHO not much really "sounds" better.... It's a very smooth sound and pleasing to the ears.....I'll get the rattle fixed!!!
  2. Driveshaft Specialist

    Thanks for the responses. I am going to try to work with my current dealership as I have been a long time and multi vehicle customer and feel that they have done well by me so far. I understand that if the Tech doesn't go much over 65 he will never feel it as it's fine in that speed range. If THEY can't drive it that fast, I certainly can and will to show them. Again, I am leaning away from tires as both the original tire/rim package and my "winter tire/rim" package act the same as far as I can see so I'm thinking it is somewhere else... Driving to work this morning I am thinking once again, boy I love driving this truck....All under 50 mph though......
  3. Driveshaft Specialist

    I have a 2017 LTZ1500 that stock has the 20's on it but I changed to 17's for the winter with new Michelins. I have the shake with both sets of tires. No difference at all. I did have the Dealership address this when it was in for it's 1st oil change and they stated that the Tech took it on the road, on the highway and did not experience the issue. I had told them that it happens 75-85 mph. The Service Writer also stated that the Tech could only legally go the speed limit, 65 mph. I said but that is not where the issue is. He said he didn't have any way to recreate it then. Fortunately I have gotten rid of my daily highway commute and of course with my new commute I don't break 55 mph. So this issue only bugs me when I get out on the highway. I also go into Maine where the speed limit IS 70+ mph. It drives me nuts with the shake. I love this truck and enjoy driving it. I have all the other issues like strange tranny shifting and the kind of weird rear spring thing stopping and taking off but I can live with those things. Also had to do a camshaft at 6800 miles due to a failed lifter. I am pretty tolerant as I have been in the Parts and Service business for years. But what I can't stand for is a shake or shimmy... Just no need for it with the quality of materials used today.... Not sure what to do. I haven't pushed back too much yet. Approaching 13K and a Service is just becoming due.... I will try to address again.
  4. I have a 2017 LTZ that just came out of the shop having the cam and lifters replaced at 8300 miles. I am not happy about it but the Dealer took very good care of me and had a very experienced GM engine guy do the job. I also have had 5 other 5.3's, not of this last generation but earlier models. I did loose a set of heads at 114K in my 2003 Silverado but once again, GM stepped up to the plate and replaced them under Goodwill Warranty. While the 2017 was in for the engine they did the update on the trans and it is better. Yes it does have it's different "feel" than the old Turbo's but the whole truck is a different beast. The LTZ is my 5th new truck from Chevy. It is by far the best one yet. Nothing is perfect and we all care about getting a good warranty... Why?? So that when we need it, its there. Of course the Dealer can make the difference in the overall experience but we all like to complain. Nothing is perfect... No matter what brand. I have been in Auto Parts and Service for 37 years...There is junk in every brand if you look close enough. Take good care of them and enjoy the ride!

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