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  1. It depends on the deal at the dealer. GMC is usually more expensive and has a nicer interior. As we get older we buy trucks that are upscale. I've enjoyed the work trucks in the past, less problems with electrical problems, door locks, windows etc. My 2017 Silverado with OnStar follows us around like a puppy. Aside from the wheel wells, I like the GMC, but would pick the Chevy as the dealer is closer to home.
  2. I just bought a 2017, what happens to 2018?? I've seen photos of the 2019, think I'll keep the 2017! Taking my vitamins with beer, start the video.
  3. Under Seat Storage

    Happy with the Husky. It doesn't have dividers, so its all open. I keep shopping bags, books etc. Keeps the truck neat. (2017 Silverado Dbl Cab)
  4. Shouldn't oil be changed before 7,500 miles, considering break in of new engine. Is the new oil that good?
  5. New 2017

    Replaced 2000 Silverado LS with a 2017 Siverado LT

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