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  1. Driving a 2017 Silverado 2500 (LTZ). Have never been able to get CarPlay working consistently. When the USB cable is first plugged into the phone, CarPlay connects and works properly. This lasts for 30-120 seconds. Then it disconnects and re-establishes the Bluetooth connection to the phone. Sometimes it will reconnect on its own in another 20-120 seconds. Then it disconnects again. This loop of disconnect/re-connect sometimes continues for several minutes. Other times it never reconnects. Very annoying to have everything cut in/out constantly. I can also force a re-connect by unplugging and re-plugging the cable. As above, it will disconnect shortly after and require another unplug/re-plug to connect again. In both of the above situations, the reconnection will only work 3-5 times. After the 3rd-5th disconnect, the system will not re-connect at all. The phone will charge, but the system does recognize that a phone is connected. The only way to re-connect at that point is to turn off the vehicle and restart. This is true even if attempting with a different phone. This has been since I picked up the car in August 2017. Had problems with my iPhone 7 plus and the then-current iOS (10? - August 2017). Picked up an iPhone X last year with iOS 11. Same problems. Recently upgraded to iOS 12. Same problems. Tried with my wife's iPhone 8. Same problems. Tried different cables (all Apple branded). Same problems. I have also tried (without success): Deleting the phone from CarPlay (on both car and phone) and starting over Turning off Bluetooth on the phone. Deleting the Bluetooth profile from car and phone I spoke to my dealer about this. He told me a Chevy CarPlay update is scheduled for release in November. There was no indication what will be in the update or if it might solve my issues. His response, however, led me to believe that CarPlay problems like mine are very common. Crazy part is the inconsistency. I drove the truck to a weekend getaway this past weekend. On the way there, problems described above happened on the trip there. Couldn't get two phones to work and gave up when we hit the point where the system refused to connect any longer (I'm not going to pull over and restart the car every 5-10 minutes). On the way back, however, CarPlay stayed connected and worked without a single glitch for a 4.5 hour drive home. Absolutely nothing changed on either vehicle or phone over the weekend. It makes no sense. Anyone else having problems like this? Better yet, has anyone else found a fix?
  2. What a long road this has been, and I would have been so lost along the way without help from this thread. Recap: I bought a 2017 Silverado 2500 last summer. Only thing wrong was it came with DL3 mirrors. I need DQS tow mirrors. Dealer agreed to do the swap, but installed DPN mirrors instead (no powerfold/no seat memory). I've been fighting with the dealer for months. While they kept saying they would "make it right" they ended up refusing to do anything further. I ended up suing them in small claims court where we arrived at a settlement. They must pay me for the cost of the upgrade. Supposedly, I will go to the dealership for a check within the next few weeks. I believe I need the following two part numbers: 84041609 - Driver side mirror 84228892 - Passenger side mirror (gas engine) During the DPN install, they did put in the correct harnesses (84125561/71) , so I should be set there. Questions that remain: 1. I also see 84228894 referenced in my notes. This comes up on GM Parts sites as a mirror, but no detail. Do I need 92 or 94? 92 looks like the right one (although parts sites claim neither is compatible with my model+year). 2. This upgrade needs to be done at an auto body shop. No dealer in my area will touch it and ADI refuses to do it. (One dealer claims that cost coud be >$800 for the labor alone, but they still wouldn't do it). WIll this require any type of computer reset to function properly (especially the power fold and seat memory functions)? 3. While hesitant to complicate matters further, is there any advantage to going with the 1A Auto version of this mirror mentioned in the thread? My current harnesses are 84125571/84125561. Is there a plug and play version of the aftermarket mirror that will save some money and/or deliver extra/better features? (The GM mirrors are about $500 each). Seems like a small thing, but I would never have purchased this truck if I knew the mirror issue would be such a hassle. My local Chevy dealers are clueless on this topic - guess they don't sell many trucks that are used for towing aorund here.
  3. Thanks. I thought that was the case, but want to make sure since it is on the dealer quote for parts needed. Seems like I win the prize for "most clueless dealer." I'm getting a quote from an auto body shop I know to install everything. Combined with the dealer paperwork, that will give an amount to list on the small claims court form. It's now three months this has been dragging on. I'm pretty sure it will all be resolved just by the time I am ready to trade this truck in for a new one.
  4. One more question... I had the service manager send me the price breakdown for mirrors/harness that would need to be ordered. It leaves me a little confused. The part numbers mostly line up with what Phil has already confirmed: 84228892 (Passenger Mirror) 84071609 (Driver Mirror) 84125571 (Driver Harness) - already installed with the DPN mirrors 84125561 (Passenger Harness) - already installed with the DPN mirrors Then there is a 5th item: 23387133 - "Camper Mirror Harness" What is this extra harness for? Do I need it? Phil has a YouTube video discussing this harness, but it seems it applies to 2014/2015 models and not a 2017. Obviously, I need the two mirrors. What about the extra harness? I thought the DQS would be all I need with the two harnesses that have already been installed.
  5. Thanks for the information. Much appreciated. I am currently waiting for a call back from the sales manager. Service says they can get me one mirror with the credit (which shouldn't have to be used on the mirror they owe me). The sales manager has refused to provide the other mirror, so I have to speak with him directly. If he confirms this, I will probably take my paperwork and go to small claims court to make them live up to their agreement. Insane that is has to come to this. Having confirmation that this will work on a 2017 model (latest dealer/ADI claim is it will work on 2015/2016, but not 2017 or newer) really helps.
  6. Thought I would give an update on my continuing upgrade saga. Story so far... 2017 2500 LTZ Midnight. Came with DL3 mirrors. Dealer agreed to remove and install DQS mirrors. DPN were installed because ADI claims a DQS install cannot be done. Update: Heard from the dealer today. Service manager has been working hard to resolve this situation. They have the TSB I sent them which covers 2015 and 2016 models. They had several conversations with ADI and "Partech" about the mirrors. While they now admit the mirrors CAN be ordered, they claim there is no way to install them. While they acknowledge the TSB, they claim it does not apply to "new" vehicles. (Again, if anyone can show me documentation that covers 2017 trucks, it would be greatly appreciated). I'm tired of arguing this. They claim the mirrors are $700 each (although I see them on many authorized parts sites for around $500 each). I proposed they get me those mirrors in exchange for the DPNs they already installed. They can get me one with a GM credit based on other problems I have had. They are going to the sales dept to see if they will cover the cost of the second mirror. I don't know how much luck I will have getting them to honor they DQS paperwork they provided. I might consider small claims court if necessary. I told them I would install the DQS myself. I'm really hoping the process is as easy as people here say it is. Maybe I can get them to not reassemble the door panel when they remove the old mirrors. I would still rather find a dealer willing to do it. The whole process (along with some other, unrelated issues on my truck) has left such a bad taste. I totally regret this truck purchase and am counting the days until I sell it. Chevy really needs to get their act together. This mirror upgrade should be a simple thing. If anyone knows of someone in the New York area who can do this install, please contact me. If you can recommend a better after-market mirror, I'm open to that as well. It shouldn't be damn frustrating to do a simple thing. Edited to add: There's also another factor. What if they are right? I could go through all this and the mirrors will not work! Can anyone confirm they have upgraded to DQS on a 2017 truck?
  7. Thanks for the idea. I hope it won't come to that. I appreciate all the information you have provided in this thread. It's the only reason I have made it this far. Without your confirmation that it can be done and the part numbers to do it, ADIs "facts" would have prevailed. With any luck, the dealer will be able to work this out. I have had some other issue with my truck as well as their sales department (mostly corrected now). The service people have acknowledged these problems and worked hard to correct them. If they end up coming through, I will most likely end up with an extra harness pair. If that's the case, it's yours. Least I can do for all the help you provide here.
  8. Not the sales order, but I do have a "we owe" from the dealership provided at the time of sale. It specifically states the DQS mirrors. They fully acknowledge this. Their problem is they are dependent on ADI. ADI is apparently GMs 3-rd party for several things, this included. Every dealership in this area uses them. I'm not sure if it applies to all US dealerships, but I know of many in other parts of the country that go through ADI. It's a GM corporate thing, not something the dealer gets to choose. There are many stores on the net about ADI claiming the install cannot be done. Prior to the 2015 model TSB that GM issued, this was not a "manufacturer approved" upgrade. Yes, you could do it yourself, but ADI/Chevy would not do it for you. ADI never seems to have received the memo... and they can get pretty nasty with people who claim otherwise. I have sent the dealer links to where the mirrors can be purchased along with the previous TSBs. They were surprised since ADI claims the mirrors don't exist (outside of a factory install). So far they seem willing to work towards meeting their obligation. It's ADI that's standing in the way and I'm just looking for what I can to get them to shut up and do it.
  9. Fortunately, yes. They removed the DL3s and original harnesses - I have both in a box. The new harnesses and DPNs are on the truck. From info earlier in this thread, the harnesses installed should be the correct ones for DQS. I'd hate to go through the hassle, but part of my "plan B" it to sell both sets of mirrors to pay for my own purchase of the DQS mirrors. It's so messed up because the dealer agreed to swap DL2 for DQS. I brought the truck in and ADI came in to do the install. The truck was ready and I got into it in the parking lot. The first clue was that the mirrors were black, not chrome. WWen I saw the power fold was gone, I knew what happened. Immediately went back to the dealer. They had no idea what I was talking about. They got ADI on the phone. It almost got ugly since the ADI person was very argumentative claiming there is no such thing as an upgrade to DQS. That was the end of August. Due to other issues with the sales department, the issue has been lingering for a while. Finally got the service manager involved and she is trying to help. Problem is that ADI claims no one can get the mirrors because they do not exist in the after market.
  10. The labor isn't the problem. ADI claims the DQS mirrors cannot be purchased. In their opinion, DQS only exist from the factory and there is no such thing as a DQS after the truck leaves the plant. If I order them on my own, that's over $1k out of pocket for something I have already paid for.
  11. I hear you. That's what I am trying to do. The service department is listening and trying to cooperate. The problem is ADI. The dealer is 100% dependent on ADI to provide the parts and do the work. ADI claims is it impossible to get the mirrors. They say the mirror only exist as a factory install and there is NO WAY to obtain them. They also claim that this is not a sanctioned/supported upgrade. I have sent the dealer links to several authorized GM parts sites where the mirrors can be purchased. I have sent them the GM TSB for 2015 and 2016 models showing that the DL3->DQS upgrade IS sanctioned on my truck. I was just hoping someone could point me to something official (a TSB or contact info for a dealer who has done the upgrade) that would cover a 2017 model. The ADI people are being real a-holes about this and refuse to budge. If ADI won't budge, my dealer's hands are tied.
  12. My understanding is that with the DPS swap they already did, I now have the right harness. All I have to do it swap out the mirrors. Easy, probably. A few things... 1. I _really_ don't want to take apart both doors on a two month old truck. I'm handy, but have never been good at "detail" work. I'm bound to break something. 2. I would still have to buy the mirrors. That's over $1,000 out of pocket. 3. As part of the sale, the dealer agreed to swap the factory DL3s for DQS. I have it in writing. That means i can get it done at no cost (depending on how you look at it, I have already paid for it). ADI did give me back the original mirrors and original harnesses. My last resort is to work a deal where I get some kind of credit/money for selling those (and the DPN mirrors) back to the dealer to pay for the DQS mirror, which it seems I can order myself. If I can break even on that, I would have to ignore #1 above and try it myself. For now, I'm just hoping to get what the dealer has already agreed to. ADI is the only obstacle. If I can find the documentation to prove them wrong, problem solved.
  13. Earlier in this thread, I received the correct part numbers for a DL3 to DQS upgrade on a 2017 Silverado 2500. Thanks for that information, it was extremely helpful After two months, I am still going back and forth with the dealer over this. They are told by ADI that the upgrade can NOT be done - ADI won't budge. Right now I am stuck with the DPN mirrors ADI installed. The dealer acknowledges they owe me the DQS mirror, but ADI refuses to do the work. I have the GM service bulletin that covers the upgrade for 2015 2500s. I saw one online that covers the 2016 models (but can no longer find the link). Questions: 1. If anyone has successfully done this through a dealership, could you provide me with any details? I could have my dealer contact yours and figure this out. 2. Can anyone provide a link to a current GM TSB that acknowledges this upgrade path? Thanks in advance for any help. (If only pgamboa was close to me. I would have bought the mirrors and paid him to install. This frustrating process has been going on for two months).
  14. Thank you VERY much! So it looks like I am halfway there... now I only need the DQS mirrors. Not needing to remove both door panels and swap harnesses, I may be able to tackle this one myself.
  15. Follow up question... As mentioned earlier, the dealer was supposed to change my DL3s for DQS. (2017 Silverado 2500 LTZ Z71 Midnight. Shipped with DL3 and A45 memory). Their install company (ADI) put in DPN mirrors. I'm working with the dealer now to hopefully resolve this, although ADI claims it cannot be done. With the DPN mirror installed, they used these harnesses. Part numbers are from the GM box the parts came in. 84125561 84125571 If I can get the DQS mirrors, will these harnesses work, or do they have to be replaced with the part numbers originally mentioned? (23342727 and 23342716) Or just buy harnesses from here (assuming I decide to rip apart the doors myself)? I may have to explore other options for this and don't want to buy/replace yet another harness if the one I have will work. Thanks.
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