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  1. Hello - I have a 2011 GMC Sierra SLE Crew CAB 4x4 that had a faulty Climate Control Module. I tried to order a new one from GM parts direct but they no longer sell the part # 25936132. I have a refurbished climate control computer part # 15952374 that I placed into the vehicle to replace the non-working climate control computer.This is the correct replacement part. When I put the refurbished part into the vehicle I noticed that I lost functionality in the information center and the gauge cluster. The outside temperature and direction (compass N, S,E, W) and the trailer gain were misssing. Also it would not recognize a/c button. I took it to a GMC dealer because I was told that the climate control computer would need to be SPS reprogrammed for my vehicle. When I got there they told me it was plug and play and no reprogramming was necessary. Can you tell me if I replace the climate control computer does it need to be SPS programmed to recognize the vehicle. On my old module #25936132 the temperature, compass and trailer gain all work and the a/c button works only some of the time. All the a/c parts have been replaced and function properly ( a/c compressor, condensor, accumulator, ambient air temperature sensor etc) thanks, Joseph thanks, Joseph
  2. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra SLE CREW CAB where the climate control module stopped working. I purchased a refurbished one and replaced it but the vehicle doesn’t recognized it. Does this control module need to be reprogrammed with a tech 2 or is there a key sequence to resetting this module so it will work.
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