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  1. YOu mentioned buying a HPT tuner and having it tuned by a professional. How do you recommend and how do i do it. I am an older gear head back in the carb days. I just cant leave things alone and i know absolute nothing at these tuned stuff,

  2. I know to stay away from the mail tunes. Whats the pros cons with the name/poplar tuners, say Black-bear, 5 star vs say a lesser or more regional tune like CJ and such?
  3. I sold my diesel. I have done suspension and brake upgrades. Looking now to improve the motor towing aspects, dont want to whipple it, would of kept my diesel. Just looking to improve the towing. Thanks for the input.
  4. I am looking for upgrades mainly for towing with the 6.2 2018 LTZ with the Tow max package. Looking at header, exhaust, CAI and tunes. would like to get the as a package from the same person
  5. I do not see alot of talk on the L92 6.2. I am looking at getting an 07 Yukon Denali to pull an 18 - 20' enclosed trailer for my sons gokarts. Are the gear ratios listed on the first page good for the Yukons? I really dont want a 3/4 ton, will the the Yukon or the LTZ 6 liter Suburban handle this? I am more acclimated to the 2500 and 3500 trucks just getting tired of the high Diesel and maintence. Thanks for the help.
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