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  1. I did the test dry on a warm engine. I should add that I have replaced all 4 oxygen sensors, injectors, plugs and wires, fel-pro intake gaskets, and MAF sensor.
  2. 2008 Vortec Max with roughly 250,000 miles. I keep getting random misfire codes and lean condition(P0300, P1174, P0174). I have did a smoke test on the intake and the exhaust and cannot find any leaks. Truck runs good on highway but as rough idle and goes into closed loop while at idle. I did a compression test today and here are the results. #1-160, #2-180, #3-195, #4-145, #5-205, #6-142, #7-190, #8-200. I’m not sure what the numbers should be but there are a couple weak cylinders. Anybod know what could be going on?
  3. So the L96 will bolt up to my 4L70E transmission? Anyone no for sure if it would have to be tuned or not? I have heard it both ways now.
  4. Not for sure on all of it. I just know that it never switches out of v8 mode.
  5. The work was all done before I bought the truck but here is a copy of the receipt that came with truck.
  6. I got an 08 Sierra Vortec Max with around 245,000 miles on it. Debating whether to rebuild, reman, or new crate. My truck has the L76 engine, if I swapped it out for a L96 what all else would I have to change? Computer or wiring harnesses? Mine already has the afm/dod delete done on it. Any other suggestions?
  7. Sorry, guess I should have said I was looking for part numbers and if anybody knew for sure what size would go right in. A lot of what I have researched is more for running duals and I am wanting to stay with the factory tailpipe.
  8. I have an 08 Sierra All Terrain with the 6.0l Vortec Max. I am wanting to replace the stock muffler with something a little bit louder. I am wanting to keep all of the factory pipe that is on it. Anybody know what muffler would just weld right in the factory area? Not sure, but I think it is 3” in and 2.5” out that connects back to a 3” pipe.
  9. I got 99 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3. Pretty sure one of the ac manifold hoses are leaking. I can’t tell if it is at the crimp or just the rubber hose. Either way, is this a common problem? It has leaked everything out of the system.
  10. Sounds like it would be easier to find a factory radio that already has it!
  11. Anybody found a way to add a usb port to a 2008 sierra without changing radio? I have the 6 disc/am/fm/xm radio now with bise option.
  12. Anybody found a way to add a usb port to a 2008 sierra without changing radio? I have the 6 disc/am/fm/xm radio now with bise option.
  13. Not looking and doing any performance upgrades, just wanting to replace injectors. The truck is completly stock other than doing away with afm before I bought it. I I went ahead and just ordered a set of 2 hole reman injectors.
  14. Looking to replace the injectors in my 2008 Sierra with the 6.0l. I found some that are aupposed to be an upgraded version with 4 holes instead of 2 and are 310cc. I can’t find any information about these. Anybody have any idea if these truely have any upgrades over the original?
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