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  1. Good info. This does have the max towing package according to my RPO research. So it should have the trans cooler factory etc. It's strange because it doesn't even look like the hitch has been 'used' much. But then again, that's an assumption and I'd rather assume it HAS been just to be realistic.
  2. Thanks for the help guys! I'm very meticulous with my vehicles so I want to try and learn and know as much before making a decision. The paint was professionally done and it looks great. It's kind of neat to be a little different, without looking gawdy. I think it looks nice, but that's just me. The shocks are a mystery but they appear to most likely be a better setup than the factory Z71 shocks? It seemed to ride just fine on my test drive. If they bother me down the road (I may never know better until that time)....I can just replace them with something nice if needed. It seems like a solid truck, rust free that was in New Mexico its whole life. The only other aftermarket gadget installed was a brake controller which seems very normal to me.
  3. Any help ASAP is greatly appreciated. Supposed to get back to the dealer today....thanks all.
  4. Hey all, I am in the process of potentially buying a 2013 Sierra SLT that is a two tone white with goldish bottom. Low mileage at 44k miles. All the research I've done I cannot find where this was a factory option? It looks completely factory and I want to believe it came this way from the factory but want to be sure. Can anyone confirm if GMC offered this as an option? Also, other than that the truck is stock from what I can see. The only other small thing was the rear shocks were Rancho RS9000XL adjustables and the fronts were silver ProComps. Is there any reason why an owner would do that (have mix match shocks)? Just seems strange to me since its a fairly low mileage truck and it came equipped with the Z71 package. Thanks all!

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