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  1. If I were home I would have had it out that night. I'm visiting My friends and they are in the country.... Way out In the country lol I got a couple estimates and the cheapest was $2000..... The truck runs okay but it's a 97! My thing is it was my late husbands truck so I don't want to part with it I guess.... Guess I'll be asking Martha Stewart how to make outdoor furniture out of truck parts lol
  2. Thanks!! Sounds rough but definitely cheaper than buying new motor or new vehicle!
  3. My friend moved my truck (97 Silverado 5.7) while we went kayaking. She apparently forgot to put it in park.(her car is a straight drive)it started rolling down the hill and went into the river. It was completely submerged for 2 days.I was told if I let it dry out for around 2 weeks, change plugs, wires, oil, gas that it will probably crank.Is this true or is this guy trying to make me feel better?! This is all you could see of My truck.:-(
  4. I'm calling you old timers because you guys from the old school seem to know more tricks of the trade! Lol 97 Silverado 5.7 Is there a way to tell if I need to do valve job or rockers without having to take the top end apart? I'm prettysl sure it's one of the two. It's ticking like it needs oil change REAL bad. Just changed the oil ugh A neighbor said "oh, that's an exhaust manifold issue! No doubt about it" (insert redneck shade tree mechanic voice) I'm still learning, but I'm pretty sure that's NOT it! Wal mart actually refused to do oil change because of it! (Woosies lol) I think I know the answer but I'm hoping for some good news lol
  5. I know there aren't to many women on here! I'm not 'typical' lol I worked at Advance Auto for a couple years so I've learned NOT to do what most of them suggest! When I had my 76 Camaro I got under the hood and got er' done myself! Here I am with another 350... but the Camaro didn't have all this emmisions crap, or a computer! If something was going wrong, I could hear it! (Couldn't always tell what it was though lol) I figure why pay some dude $$ I can't afford when I can do it myself. Trying to get back to that which means alot of time on Google!! So I'm glad Ifound you! Would have stopped me from being down a couple months if I knew about it sooner!!
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