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  1. I haven’t talked to my local dealership yet but I guess I should try. I will let you know any info they give me when I talk to them.
  2. Thank you for everybody’s help and advice. I have gone through all of the options and the only thing left is to reprogram the BCM. I think at this point I am just going to leave the truck as it is. If it bugs me bad enough I’m sure I can just rewire the headlights to by pass the BCM at some point.
  3. Yes, I believe this is the same spring loaded switch. I’ll check the part number to make sure. I think it is a program in the bcm because if my truck is in any gear but park running or not the lights are fully on. The only exception I have found was that I can have the headlights off for the remote start. I have tried to hold the switch to the off position while in gear which didn’t turn them off. If the switches are different part numbers than I guess that would be a good place for me to start.
  4. I have owned a 01 Sierra, 03 Suburban, and now a 12 Sierra. They all have made that sound on a cold morning. I though it was something with the 5.3 engine and feared it was metal on metal internally (Poor oil distribution on a cold start) I have never seen anything metallic in the oil though. That makes me feel a little better if it is just the starter.
  5. I don’t know if this helps identify anything. The options are listed on the RPO tag in the glove box.
  6. As far as the options, My truck is 2012 GMC SLE crew cab 1500 from Canada so I am comparing it to the same model options for US sales. From what I understand from US ordering options some of these options were only available on SLT and Denali models in the US. Mine has the chrome grille, door handles, body molding, and mirrors. It has a sun / moon roof, power rear sliding window, all power options on the interior including the passengers seat, console between the front seats, brushed aluminum accents on the dash and interior, block heater, separate heating controls for the drivers/passengers sides, power folding mirrors, and I’m sure I am forgetting some stuff. I do know my rims, Eaton posi, and gauges are because of the all terrain and Z71 packages. It basically seems that the truck is loaded except a backup camera and heated seats. All of that being said I I could have read the ordering options for US sales wrong for the SLE model? I have seen other Canadian trucks in this area with the same options so I know mine isn’t a one off. While talking to the owners I found that each one of these trucks has the Canada decals in the door jams and have / had French owners manuals though. I just haven’t seen a US SLE with these options.
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering if any one else has tried this and has had luck? I have a 2012 GMC Sierra that was a Canadian truck from the start. It has a bunch of options that you couldn’t get on a SLE in the states which I think is pretty cool because I live in the states. I noticed on this truck compared to my others that were US versions as soon as I put it in drive the lights come on and I can not turn them off as long as it is in gear. The only way I can bypass the lights is when it is in park. I know this is a Canada thing because I went through this with a 96 cadillac fleetwood years ago. This bugs the crap out of me. I guess I am just looking to see if using a resistor is the way to go or if there is any other tricks. Thanks for any help or advise.

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