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  1. I understand the wanting no payment thing all to well especially if you are already making payments on a vehicle. If you're open to other brands, that'll open more doors for sure. All brands and generations within brands have their issues so you'll have to pick and choose. I would avoid Toyota trucks made before 2011 (I believe) as there was a class action suit against them for the Tundra and Tacoma frames rusting out prematurely.
  2. If you have 12k to pay cash, I would look for a newer used truck that will less likely have been a beater. I understand the whole trying to be financially smart but 12k for for a 13 year old truck sounds too much of a gamble since you don't know how it was driven, treated or maintained. If it spent countless hours idling, that too will take a toll on the engine life. I know the 2014s and newer have an hour counter, perhaps they did in the 03-06? Not sure where in Idaho you are but, 2010 Silverado at Twin Falls Chevy in Idaho $17k https://www.twinfallschevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/used-2010-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-4WD_Crew_Cab_143.5%22_LT-Twin_Falls-ID/3481638963 2016 Silverado for $21k https://www.twinfallschevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/used-2016-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-4WD_Double_Cab_143.5%22_LS-Twin_Falls-ID/3429788433#close Just an idea. I drive my 2001 Silverado most of the time these days instead of my 2014 and with nearly 170k on the odometer it is still running strong. I took ownership of it last year from my dad who bought it preowned in 2002 so I'm not biased against the GMT800. Best of luck.
  3. Unless some new changes have been made, there are no sensors in the rear of a vehicle to tell the airbag to deploy. Your back and neck will hurt regardless if the airbag had deployed or not. As previously mentioned, airbag deployment when the front of the vehicle has struck something depends on a number of factors that the sensors and computers calculate. You likely did not meet the parameters for deployment. Looking at the pictures of your accident, I would say that you were hit at the most 30mph and that comes from pics shown by EMS when they transport patients to the ER to be check out. I am curious as to why your engine is shot as I didn't see a picture of the front end. Glad you made it out ok.
  4. Honestly I would wait at this point. If you're not brand loyal, wait for the 2020s to come out from the manufacturers to score a deal on a new leftover 19
  5. Wonder why they reduced the oil capacity to 6 but hey just helps with cheaper oil changes. Dealership charges $60 to change the oil and rotate the tires on my 14 so I ain't sweating it. They don't even try to upsell the ridiculous services like the top end engine cleaning.
  6. Do the new 5.3 use 6 quarts now instead of 8? I also thought it was full synthetic being used as well which is around $9 a quart here.
  7. Just checking in, did you find a better deal elsewhere or make a deal on that one?
  8. I was just about to ask how long does OP idle his truck as that affects the OLM more than anything since it counts the revs. Even my 2001 Silverado has an OLM and is calculated by the engine revs. The mileage and time are approximations if I recall correctly.
  9. What tires were on your Ford as opposed to the Chevy? Tire size? If they're still using the crappy GY Wrangler tires, I would say that's half the problem. It sounds like a traction issue to me and my locker only engages if traction control is off as it won't generate enough wheel slip otherwise to engage. If I am not mistaken, I believe Ford generally uses a slightly wider tire than GM does. Honestly the only time my truck has slid sideways was to much throttle on the Wrangler tires covered in mud. Once I put the Michelins on, I never had to concern myself with the mud or wet roads. Another factor is that the 8 and 10 speed transmissions offer more aggressive gearing than the 6 speeds from GM and Ford. Combined with lighter weight and more power being multiplied to the wheels as well as tires could be the source of your headaches. You can also try and rent a new F150 and drive it down the same road, just make sure it comes with a 10 speed and see how it behaves. As far as weight in the bed of your truck, I have found that mine has gotten better MPG's on the highway with my bed loaded with camping gear for scouting trips as well as a smoother ride. I do lurk on the Ford truck forums as I really like the STX packaged F150's and seeing how I can find Ford trucks better equipped and cheaper than GM trucks. Let us know what you try!
  10. I don't know what options other than cruise and power windows/locks you're looking for so please keep that in mind. Also, I'm in the Houston area. Now I know this is for a Ford and not a GM as well as it being a 4x2 but here is a brand new 2019 single cab with the 3.3 V6 for just shy of 21k. I couldn't find any single cab new GM trucks so I used the Ford as a way to . https://www.cookfordtexas.com/ford-trucks-texas-city-tx.html?Bodystyle=2D+Standard+Cab&Model=F-150 For almost 30k, a new GMC 1500 SLE Double Cab 4.3. Also not a 4wd. https://www.gaybuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-GMC-Sierra_1500-Double_Cab_Standard_Box_2_Wheel_Drive-Dickinson-TX/3410782363 I would offer 21k drive out next time they call and if they turn that down, accept that it was meant to be. Read into the limitations of the "Lifetime powertrain warranty", I fell for that on my '14 SIlverado and honestly, newer vehicles are more likely to have computer or electrical issues than mechanical in my opinion. Patience is the best skill to have right now. They want to sell you a truck more than you want to buy one! Good Luck!
  11. 39% for the front pads at 7500 miles? That sounds excessive, especially since my 14 still has the original pads with a lot of live left at 56k miles. Mostly city driving for me with some highway driving to the camp grounds.
  12. Around town I actually had an increase on my '14 5.3 going from almost 15 to 17-18 mpg. It was on the highway I took a hit going from 24-27 (depending on wind conditions and position of the skinny pedal) to about 20-21. I rarely do Highway driving though and was tempted to leave it off until I saw how much dust ended up in my engine bay
  13. O2 sensors have their own code, my '01 threw a P0135 for bank 1 sensor 1 O2. Shouldn't the code reader tell you which side?
  14. Full time college student living in an apartment so dealer for me, plus lifetime powertrain warranty requires me to take it in for maintenance. However, even after I installed the nerf bars, I can easily slide under the truck and reach what I need to change the oil. As long as you have an incline, shouldn't be an issue.
  15. There are two post that may help in this thread, I don't know how to just quote them on here. I know two of the video's are for the K2's but perhaps they are similar.
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