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  1. Mine went off the other day at 60 mph with nothing in front of me. Only time Ive ever seen it alert. I've wondered how one might safely go about testing this feature.
  2. 2" MotoFab level on 20" stock wheels & tires.
  3. I went with the dark slate exterior / cocoa dune interior. The dark slate metallic paint is kind of interesting. It can look gray, dark green, or almost black depending on the lighting / angle of the sun. This was a before and after 2" level I did over the weekend.
  4. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Installed a MotoFab 2" level on my 2018 Sierra today. Took a little over 2 hours. Only ride difference is I can feel small bumps like a gravel road a little more. No difference on pavement. Love losing most of that factory rake. Will be looking into 33's at some point down the road. Before level: After level:
  5. That's what I was thinking too. Either that or a caliper dragging.
  6. Back in the old straight front axle days, 14x36's were the $hit. Wheels didn't matter much - usually just white spokes. The tires were the focus - either Grand Prix RVT's or Monster Mudders. RVT's lasted longer, but the Mudders pulled better. I can still hear that deep "wa-wa-wa" whine.
  7. Tried that. She couldn't cook worth $hit.
  8. I just tested "OK Google. Start my truck". Got prompted to install the OnStar RemoteLink app. Turns out this app is nearly identical to the MyGMC app which I already have. In either case, a Google Assistant voice command to "Start my truck" simply opens the app. You still need to authenticate and then click through two pages to actually start the truck. Definitely not cool enough to show off.
  9. Yes - gave them my flight # and the guy was waiting for us outside baggage claim in a van. We were at the dealer about 3 hours. Should have been much shorter, but got held up waiting the finance guy for 2 hours. Pro tip: If you're considering letting Laura carry your financing, be sure to get their quote before arriving. They spent way too long trying to beat my credit union's rate and couldn't do it. I ended up just writing them a check for the full amount and will go back to my credit union to finance after the sale.
  10. Just flew to Laura GMC and bought a 2018 Sierra 1500 CCSB SLT 4x4 6.2L with: Premium Plus, Max Tow (NHT), Sunroof, and Dark Slate Metallic. Factory MSRP was $60,025. Purchase price was $46, 540; a difference of $13,485 or 22.5% off list. New truck prices are ludicrous, but I feel like I got a pretty good deal considering the fact that factory to buyer incentives were only $3250. No way could I find a similar truck anywhere in my state for close to that price. Definitely worth the airfare and 1300 mile road trip home. This 6.2 is badass. Hope someone finds this helpful.
  11. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    I totally get it for hills. But the only hills around here are interstate overpasses. FWIW, I'm new to this truck. Mine's an 8 spd. Don't get me wrong - this thing coasts very well without changing anything. But it coasts even better with the "grade" setting off. I'm coming out of an 05 Nissan Titan, which didn't disengage the drive train at all when coasting. You can literally feel it marching down through the gears. I'm sure that saves the brake linings, but why waste energy by using an engine brake on a flat road? I was always envious of my wife's Jeep Commander; you can take your foot off the gas at 60 and still be running 50 a mile down the road. I've got nearly 200K trouble free miles on the Titan, and I only replaced the front pads once. Still on the original rears. Honestly a great truck IMO. I would have bought a 2018 if the new body styles weren't so butt-ugly!
  12. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    Try it. There's a significant difference. Watch the tach.
  13. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    The terminology is confusing. Maybe I should have said "powertrain grade braking" which doesn't actually involve the brakes? All I know is I can coast a lot farther without losing momentum by turning it off. See https://gm.oemdtc.com/5611/normal-mode-powertrain-grade-braking-feature-2013-2016-cadillac-chevrolet-gmc
  14. Better Gas Mileage Mods

    Agree with you about shifting into neutral. However, grade braking is still the default run condition for our trucks which is using the friction of your engine to slow the vehicle in a coasting situation - even on flat ground. Watch the tach as the gears drop while you coast. If you're on flat ground and don't need grade braking, you can disable it by holding the tow mode button for 5 seconds. In this mode, when you coast, the engine idles and the tranny is effectively disengaged and free wheeling. You can coast a LOT further and really rack up some MPG's this way if you anticipate stops or slowdowns. Maxing out on efficiency with a screaming 6.2L is almost as fun to me as burning rubber & chirping 2nd. It's amazing to me the technology that allows both in the same truck. Kudos to the GM engineers!
  15. Found it, thanks! Very easy to miss against the slate gray metallic paint.

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